The Crochet Club
  • Welcome to The CraftStar Crochet Club! Please join in here if you have an interest in crochet.
  • Hi all you fantastic Crocheters!! I'm new around here and thought I'd say hi! I crochet and knit in my spare time and have for years, but that craft addiction led me to wanting fun special yarns for my projects...and poof (after a LOT of learning and producing :)), we joined TCS and now offer handspun art yarns! I'm also working on some fun Crochet Needle holders and yarn bowls as well (those are coming soon). Would love to get to know everyone and get some feedback on our products!! You fantastic artists are who we work to please :) Looking forward to getting to know TCS community!
  • BTW, SusanE at The Yarn Store has lots of fun yarns. I buy from her all the time.
  • Hello y'all. My shop is FRUIT OF HER HANDS. I'm just trying to get into the swing of things here. Stop by and fave me.
  • Hi everyone,

    I'm mostly a knitter, but I do some basic crochet. I've made and sold a couple of necklaces crocheted with beads, and a pair of crochet hoop earrings.

  • Hi Barbara,
    I make Baby Afghans along with full size ones. I also do knit so have a mixture of both in my shop.
  • Forgot that I had posted here before but I see that I have.
    I make baby crochet items mostly like cowboy boots, loafers,mary jane shoes and baby gift sets done in crochet
    does anyone else do baby items
    I also do wome womens cowls,fingerless gloves and shawls
  • Debbi,

    Yes, indeed, most of us are not shaped for the clothes on the runway. However, I linked to that for two reasons:

    1) To show you how just about anything is possible with crochet, and to get you to think outside the box.

    2) To show you that crochet is making it onto the fashion runways, which will increase the popularity of it. Hopefully you wonderful crocheters here will be able to capitalize on its rise in popularity.
  • Look where the heel is on that shoe. How in heavens name could you walk.
  • nice find John. I like the second black and white outfit. the only problem with these fashion sites is that normal people (like me) are not shaped like that! lol
  • Hi folks :)
    What do people think will be trending on the crochet products end of things this Autumn/Winter ? Any ideas ?
    Amanda Jane x
  • Yeah Barbara, you must be in my age bracket!!! Am wondering what you gals would like to talk about here as it is not a very active group. Lets get some chatter going.
  • Newbie here
    I do lots of crochet and some sewing crochet combination gift sets. I love to crchet. Have been doing it over 60 years now.
  • I don't like the granny squares, to many knots to have to worry about or ends to work in, however you do it. Are any of you really into Granny Squares?
  • I bet...that's why granny squares were use up our yarn skein leftovers. lol
  • Right now I am finishing up a crochet afghan that I am making out of odds and ends of blues and off white. I have one with Browns and Off white set aside to do but have to get a couple of knitted ones done first. Making those afghans out of odds and ends has proven to be a challenge.
  • Hi everyone. I've been on an accessories kick lately, and have been making purses. what do you like to crochet?
  • Stacey I have made several of those bath loofah that you have a link for. They are quite nice.
  • The next one is actually Friday night, for those who will be around.
  • Just want to encourage you from the Crochet Club to come to the BNR's on Monday nights and join in the chat if you don't want to buy or sell. It is a fun time. I am new to it but they are patient in letting us know what to do.
  • The Clubs are still a work in progress. We're working hard to get them active.
  • I joined a week or so ago :) but there doesn't seem to be much happening ?
  • Hi Stacey,
    I just made some scrubbies with rug yarn while on vacation and haven't listed any yet but are quite similar to those only not as full. I haven't taken any pictures of them yet. Can't decide if I should sell them on line or not. My son says he likes the nylon net ones better. Guess I will have to give them a try first before I list them. But those bath puffs look intriguing.
  • Ran across this really cute crocheted bath easy to make. Has anyone else seen this?
  • I have been cutting nylon net in my free time to make the scrubbies. It is a job that I really don't like to do but the evils of crafting things that sell. What have you been up to. Our club isn't very active is it.
  • I like your blog Eva! I think your very talented. I've found that I get the most views when I just talk nonsense it stinks whenever I try and talk about the shop or something that's important to me it seems like no one cares. I used to have a blog a long time ago and had thousands of followers but I stopped writing when I had kids. They are just such a time suck lol
  • Melissa, you have an interesting blog. Roni, my blog hasn't had a thing written on it for over a year now. It is I was doing one on just myself and what I do but felt it was probably boring and I am not talented enough to make all the side avatars or whatever you call them so felt I just couldn't do it justice. Feel free to stop by and take a look though.
  • there's my blog. i am still pretty messed up on blogger having a hard time figuring out how to add people and such
  • Eva.... went to your profile but didn't see your Blog listed under "Connect". FYI, you can now list your Blog in your profile.... click profile / edit and you will see a section for it.
  • What's your Blog? I have one but haven't done anything on it for a long, long time. I am not very literate when it comes to blogs.
  • LOL! I have like a 40 gallon storage container but it's starting to not be able to close anymore. Thanks for making me feel like my stash problem isn't that bad :) I usually look at the shop real quick and then sign in and check out the club and then I check the forums. I started a blog hoping to get more people to know about the craft star hopefully something will happen soon.
  • Melissa, I hate to tell you that I have about another 200 skeins that don't fit on the shelves and are in boxes.
    Just curious what is the first thing everyone checks when signing into TCS. I usually check the collections, clubs, forums and then my shop.
  • I'm still drooling
  • You must have seen the blog. You must remember I have been doing craft shows for over 30 years but I put in a big order a couple of times a year. As for the cotton on the cones that gets used for dishcloths and I go through a lot.
  • Eva!! I am super jealous of your yarn stash!
  • Happy Mother's Day to my fellow crocheters. Worked on some pot holders while at the craft show yesterday.
  • You can read some of the things discussed on the blog, I believe. It was really good info.
  • my computer doesn't have speakers, the kids destroyed them awhile ago, I'm not allowed to have nice things.
  • Did any of you listen to last nights hangout? I listened to the replay and found it very informative, even though I had listened to a similar one several months ago. If you haven't yet try to watch the replay.
  • Woohoo! My first official club post. Currently working on a new Midwife Sling design, blasting the tunes and fighting off sleep. :D
  • I'm working on a diamond pattern scarf, took me forever to figure out the pattern since I only had a picture of the scarf to follow
  • Yay I found the new club. Troll doll outfits now that's something I never would have thought to do glad they are selling for you. i'm still working on a no pattern flower theme tank top and have a few row's left on my shawl to do. I try to only do one project at a time usually.
  • eBay is great for some items such as auction style collectibles but not for most handmade items. The fees are high but if my outfits sell over there; I don't mind the higher fees.
  • Congratz, I have never done EBay, it kinda scares me or some reason. Glad you are doing well there.
  • Still working on Troll doll outfits but list them on eBay cuz that's where the Troll collectors are. They are selling like crazy over there!
  • Looks like we start over here fellow crocheters. I have finished the afghans I was crocheting and am now working on a knitted one. What is on your plate now.