The Jewelry Club
  • Welcome to The CraftStar Jewelry Club! Please join in here if you have an interest in jewelry.
  • How do I join the club and what do we do?? :D
  • I wish to join this club. I make chainmaille jewelry and my shop is Designs by MDS Jewelry. I work with many types of metal and try to incorporate crystal and glass beads into my designs. I started making beaded jewelry but chainmaille is my passion! I would like to meet others who share this passion.
  • I am very interested in joining this club. My name is Phyllis, BeadWizzard. My store is Holiday Earrings and I make all types of earrings. I have worked with beads for the better part of 50 years and they are in my blood! I hope to meet lots of other like minded folks and share and have fun with our beads!

    phyllis :)
  • I'm very new to Craftstar. Haven't set up shop yet : ) Still reading and learning. I'll be selling my jewelry here...I guess that was a no brainer, huh? : )

    I work with Alcohol Inks, Dried Flowers, Glass and Resin...not in that order.

    I'm hoping this may be a better alternative than Etsy?

    Hope to talk to you all soon

  • my shop name here is Vintage Diva's Studio. feel free to contact me and ask me questions, I do custom commissions and the work you see on my shop. I have my second show coming up in April at my local art gallery showing my stuff. Very excited!
  • Hi, I am Brandy-Michelle and I have a passion for jewelry design. I do mostly vintage inspired chic pieces and am evolving my pieces into metalworking, colorations and patinas.
  • Hi everyone.
    I'm mostly a lampworker but I do still make the occasional bit of jewellery. I like to do beadweaving to go with the lampwork focals.
  • Hi, Eric, welcome aboard!

    It is always fun for me to see other guys in the handmade movement. I am fascinated by the GIA training. Even though I don't set loose stones, I have oftened toyed with looking into the GIA thing.
  • Amy, you officially joined the second you posted.

  • Hello Jewelry Club members! I would love to be a part of the club! I specialize in bridal jewelry designs. I've been making fine jewelry in Los Angeles for over 11 years. My shop name on the craft star is EVS Designs. Please feel free to ask me anything related to fine jewelry. I also have been selling loose diamonds my entire professional career with extensive training from the GIA. I look forward to this upcoming Christmas Season, I hope its a good one for everybody! Thanks, Eric V. Stein
  • New to Craft Star, tried some other sites, craft shows, home parties etc.. really like the site and made a sale already which is always great. Really hoping to learn more about the site and do what I can to make it a success!! How do I officially join clubs ?
  • Hello
    I love jewelry
    I also love making jewelry, Cass Eliza Designs
  • I'd like to join too. I create bead embroidered jewelry, and I love my beads :)
    I'm new here, I opened my shop last Sunday, jumped on the Google+ train and will do my best to promote TheCraftStar and make my shop here a success. If you have any questions, please ask :)
  • Hi I am new also. I would like to join this group. This seems like the place to get valuable information, and also to share as well. I make handmade jewelry. My ideas come from the different types of materials I use. Marble chips & pebbles, Glass Pearl Beads, Acrylic, Wood, Natural Shells and Chips, Mix different sizes and shapes together. Many colors. What ever comes to my mind I love to make. I hope everyone will take a look at my shop and let me know what you think. Thanks Fashion With Style.
  • Beautiful work, colorful!
  • Hi everyone, thought I would say hi. I make jewelry too. I pretty much make whatever strikes my fancy and hope others will like it too! I really like the layout of craftstar better than the other site I have been on. I plan on transitioning over completely just to crafstar! I like seeing all the different and unique jewelry everyone has posted.
  • Welcome Michelle!
  • Hi,
    I'm Michelle from Australia. I currently create One of a Kind pieces from recycled Dominoes and Scrabble Tiles. I also make Gemstone Protection/Healing Jewellery and have just started a Silver Smithing class so I will be adding Sterling Silver Gemstone Jewellery soon. I will be adding some Craft items (Charms ect) for sale too.
  • I am now selling beads too, crystals and semi-precious stones, no plastic beads at all. I like to use authentic Swarovski crystals ( in my pieces which also may include some gems stones. I am also planning on selling some jewelry pieces in bulk due to injuries of my hand, wrist and arm and looking to close out my inventory (unless I get better). You will get a free gift or maybe even two free gifts. So anyone interested, feel free to message me. Here are my links: *** and ***

    Hope to meet your acquaintance!
  • Hi, my name is Andrea. I'm new and my jewelry shop is sweetsunshineboutique. I love jewelry making & am even a little addicted to it!
  • That would be incredible John. I would love the answer to that as well.
  • I wonder how much it would cost to be in the real Swarovski business, as opposed to the Swarovski Elements business. I would love to step up to the real stuff. It would be another way to set my work apart.
  • I have been told by a Swarovski Importer that you have to apply Directly to Swarovski to purchase anything other than the Swarovski Elements that are available at Fire Mountain Gems and other online places as well as Hobby Lobby and Michaels. I have not done this myself yet.
  • Hello, this is a wonderful idea! I create unique 3D beaded items and jewelry from seed beads crystals wire and more.
  • thank you. :0)
  • Same as John. They are all in bags, necklaces hooked on cards, earrings as well. That way they are ready to ship/ready to display, but safe as well.
  • Since mine have a lot of sterling silver, I put each one into a ziploc bag. I then put the bags into storage totes so that they stay safe.
  • how does everyone store their jewelry after creation? in boxes, plastic bags, what is the best way?
  • I totally know what that is like jewelry. Sometimes life needs to slow down a bit so I can make jewelry!
  • Hi, would love to join this club, I'm just getting started here on TCS but opened my shop some time ago, but life got in the way of concentrating on my shop.
  • I'm not sure either. I haven't really looked into it thoroughly.

    I just know that they have licensed jewelry designers that make jewelry from "Swarovski Crystals", and that, for the "do it yourself" market, they offer the line of "Swarovski Crystal Elements" among other lines. But, only the licensed designers get the actual crystals as opposed to the Elements line. Everything that I use in my pieces is Elements and I *think* I put that in all my descriptions. I have to double check all the time. Seems I always forget one somewhere.

    Here is info on becoming a partner:

  • I would love to know how to become a licensed Swarovski seller. Not that I have taken the time to look, but it is one of my big goals.
  • P. Young,

    I will try and find where I saw that and post it in here.

    I *can* tell you that, if you go to the Swarovski site, there is a lot of information about registering as a business partner with Swarovski. There is a lot of information about when you can use the words Swarovski Crystals and when you can use the words Swarovski Crystal Elements.
  • Hi Everyone,

    I fuse glass into pendants, earrings, tie pins and more. Lately I have been working on creating my own color blends. I look forward to us all having successful shops here on TCS.

  • Hi everyone, just started here a day or so ago and am looking forward to getting my shop set-up and meeting everyone.

    John, I love using Swarovski beads and am very interested in reading the information you have posted. Would you please post a link?
  • hello everyone....I'm "fairly" new here at TCS...I joined a while ago, but never got to set up my shop. Today I finally started, with my jewelry. Only 2 necklaces up so far, but I'll be adding more every day. I'm excited to be here. :0) Anything special I should know?
  • Welcome Diane.

    Just a note, for your own protection.

    Unless you are a licensed partner of Swarovski, you can't call them "swarovski crystals". If you buy them from places like FireMountain, they are actually "swarovski crystal elements". Swarovski is very protective of their copyright, and asks that you call them "swarovski crystal elements". I would hate for you to get in trouble.
  • Hi all, I'm Glitzy Beads. I make beaded jewelry, mostly with Swarovski crystals, just love all that bling. Swarovski crystals come in various colors, shapes and sizes, are the very best in crystals and have been around for a very long time. I also like using semi-precious gem stones and try to make my jewelry with at least a few along with quality components. I also offer a free gift with your order. I've made three sales thus far, but hoping to get more here. Stop by my shop, I'd loved to have you over and please refer your friends or family as I will also help to promote yours too :-) Here's my link:
  • popping in for a hello!
  • About me: I make handmade beaded jewelry, earrings,necklaces,bracelets,etc. I am also in the process of destashing beads I have collected over a number of years. Forgotten what the intended project was. I was wondering if I should list them on here for other beaders.
  • Raye,

    How do you join this club? You just did. Welcome.
  • I like the excitement and enthusiasm of this site. No sales yet, but hopeful.
  • How do I join this club?
  • Hey, jewelry peeps! Sorry to be tardy to the party!

    It's so much fun to see so many different jewelry styles already on here. We all make such diverse stuff.
  • Hi jewelry makers,
    I make earrings using anything I can get my hands on, Swarovski crystals, gemstones, Czech glass, brass, etc. Looking forward to meeting fellow CraftStars.


    P.S. Cheryl, you should think about opening a destash shop on The CraftStar to liquidate some of your beads, if it's allowed.
  • Hi everyone!
    I primarily work with beads, wood, paper and bits of natural objects, and I sometimes incorporate destructed vintage jewelry into my designs as well. I've recently started tinkering with metal work as well, but judging by my first attempts, it'll be awhile before I have anything worthy of selling.
  • Hello fellow jewelry CraftSTARS!!! Look forward to getting to know everyone better and helping to make all of our business grow.

    I am primarily a metal clay jewelry designer, but I began as a beader. I have loads of beads that I rarely use, so if anyone is looking for anything specific, let me know and if its in my stash, I'll be happy to give you a bargain price (some may even be free).

    I also love to make pendants, components, etc., for other designers to incorporate into their designs. I typically sell these at wholesale prices, so let me know if you have any interest.

    Wishing you all the best!
  • Hello from Malta :)

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