Recruiting Jewelry People!
  • What are your thoughts on recruiting people into The Clubs?
  • Hi! I'm new to Craftstar, joined about 2 weeks ago. I make chainmaille jewelry. I have a shop on Etsy but the fees are too much for me so I thought I would try opening a shop here to see what happens.
  • Hello all, I'm new to CraftStar, just joined today, and I'm still working my way around here. I make polymer clay necklaces, sculpt all my designs by hand, and have all nature inspired designs. I'm not sure what clubs are and how useful they are but I'm always willing to try anything once :)
  • I am new to CraftStar and like clubs, etc. You meet such great folks with similar ideas and desires. I look forward to visiting more as I ramp up my store. See everyone!
  • Hello! I just joined yesterday and have opened up my first shop. I've been on several other sites but I like how this one is striving for handmade!
  • Hello, I'm new to Craft Star and think this is a great idea
  • I think these clubs are a great idea, it creates a sense of community and belonging...
  • Hi, nice to meet you all! I create bead embroidered jewelry, and I love my beads :)
    I'm new to TheCraftStar, I opened my shop last Sunday, jumped on the Google+ train and will do my best to promote TheCraftStar and make my shop here a success....
  • Patricia,

    I responded to your other thread in the main forums asking for advice.

    As far as promotions, it all depends on your skills and where you are best able to connect to your target market. You can use facebook, pinterest, twitter, flickr, tumblr, wanelo, or even start a blog on blogger. In any of the above, it is important that you do more than just talk about your work. You should also provide content that speaks directly to your target market, so that they can more easily find you, and so that you can become a resource to them, if that makes sense.
  • I think this is a great Idea as long as everyone is willing to help each other. I'm new just opened my shop this month. I am trying to make as many connections as I can. I don't have much advice in Selling online, But I do have ideas and can share sample drawing of techniques for Beading Jewelry. I am also looking for help in promoting my jewelry.
  • Patricia,

    When you ask for tips, do you mean as to selling on TheCraftStar, or selling online? I am not sure how much online experience you have.
  • Hello all. I am new to Craft Star. I currently just selling Paracord Necklaces. I am interested to hear some tips about how to get sales. It would be great if you all could give me some tips.
  • Welcome Janis,

    It's great to see more and more people joining TheCraftStar
  • Hello, new to thecraftstar today but would love to be part of this club
  • Next week then.

    (prod, prod, prod)
  • RATS! I didn't get it done and missed my great opportunity. Outta town this week, home on Friday so get out the cattle prod again.....
  • Liz,

    Here is your cattle prod. If you get new listings into your shop early next week, I will give your shop a shout out on next Thursday's live show.
  • Does anyone have a cattle prod? I really need to get my new items photographed this weekend.
  • And you are Jaime! Just check in and join the convos so we can get to know you guys better!
  • I would love to be part of this as well :)
  • I feel this is a wonderful idea, we can share ideas and help one another without affecting all the other shop owners and shoppers :-)
  • Oh, I know that disease. I'm terminal.

    Welcome aboard!
  • *waves* I have an is called I in? :)
  • Hehehehehe you were in the second you posted.

  • **Knock** **Knock***

    >gives John the secret handshake>

    Am I in the club, pretty please?
  • You're already in. Welcome. :-)
  • I would love to be in the club.