The Bath and Body Club
  • Welcome to The CraftStar Bath and Body Club!
  • Hi everyone. I'm excited to be here. Thanks for having me.
  • Susan,

    I moved (apartment, not house) a few months ago, so I sympathize! Congrats on the new house, though. That's exciting.
  • John~ I hadn't had a moment to come back and visit the forum in a while (we bought a new house and were moving with all that that implies) but I wanted to thank you for that bit of advice regarding changing the descriptions of our products if we used the import tool. I hadn't even thought of doing that. I'll definitely get on it.
  • I don't know. I *have* done some international shipping, but not much. Due to my prices, and the amount of silver in some of my pieces, I don't list any international shipping rates. If someone sends me an inquiry about shipping to their country, I will do the research for that country to see if I can legally send my item there. There are times I have had to tell the customer "sorry, it looks like I can't do that". There are times I have happily found that I could do it (Canada, Hong Kong) and it worked well.

    Oh, by the way, I left off one piece of advice in the last posting. If you sell on any other site, and you uploaded your listings from that site to here, you will need to alter your titles and the first few paragraphs of your descriptions. Google does not like duplicate content, and it can seriously hurt your SEO. So, if you have done that, you will need to make those changes.
  • Thanks John, I do find it more difficult being an Australian Crafter as postage costs can turn people off, do you agree?
  • Michelle,

    I have not looked at your shop, but I will say this much:

    1) Make sure your photos are top notch
    2) Make sure you have studied SEO and are utilizing it to the best of your abilities
    3) Make sure your titles and tags best portray exactly what your items are
    4) Promote, promote, promote - use all the social media that that can

    Also, if you are selling your products on any other websites besides TheCraftStar, you have to make sure you are promoting your shop here with the same amount of energy and effort that you are promoting your other locations.
  • Hi, I'm from Australia and I make Bath Products, Jewellery ect. I have a few Shops on here "Tahranas Bath & Body Treats" is one. I am finding Craftstar a little slow, does anyone have any tips on how I get myself noticed on here?
  • If we're going to play "just so everyone knows"....

    I buy handmade soap regularly. I love when there is some sort of exfoliant in the bar, such as poppy seeds or small bits of dried skin feels so much nicer after a shower if the bar has something like that in it.
  • Just so everyone knows, I need peppermint/vanilla soap for winter.
  • Welcome all new comers!! do not hesitate to post your shop names so we can check them out!
  • Susan,

    By posting a comment, you just joined. Welcome!
  • Hi! So, how does one join a club? I'd love to be part of this one. :)
  • Hi everyone, I'm in the process of listing Items including Bath Salts, Tub Teas and also some Gemstone Healing Trees and Jewellery
  • I am getting my shop stocked. I just wanted to pop in and say "Hi!"
  • Yay.. happy to see this bath and body club.
  • @DJM - LOVE your chicken dish/washcloth! :D
  • CapriAries Soap Works checking in. :D
  • I look forward to meeting others!!!