The Men of TheCraftStar Club
  • Hey, Guys!

    This is a place for the men to get together and hang out. So often, people think all the sellers are female. It is up to us to show that men are part of the handmade movement too.
  • Wow now this is cool - Man here. And I sew.. Sew... SEw... SEW.... A lot.... I know it says but I am the Mr end of it. My wife and I sew full time together. I do Barbie doll clothes/quilts/the hard stuff and my wife does all the crayon rolls and the computer stuff. So we keep busy. But I have to say this is nice to see a male club (clean and supportive).
  • I get the same thing. On other sites, someone would ask a question, and three people would answer. The original poster would say "thanks ladies". D'OH!

    At craft shows, the first question I invariably get is "did *you* make all this?". I guess some people find it odd to see men making women's jewelry, but men make women's fashion all the time. It always makes me laugh.

    It looks like you are in a similar situation making ***adorable*** kids clothing. I can see why people ask you that.
  • John,

    This is so true, I sell on other venues, and many times people are shocked that I am the creator, and say oh does your wife make your items. Nope I do....she just packages them.