Need a tutorial?
  • Is there anything you are interested in learning how to do? Post some topics here, and maybe we can work them into a future live hangout.
  • There is a bead store in Seattle called "Fusion Beads". On their website are some tutorials as well. I think even FireMountain has some on their site.
  • There is a really cool app called "Instructables". All sorts of jewelry tutorials on there ranging from chainmaille to those bead wrap bracelets.
  • Thanks Heather!

    Chainmaille can be so delicate and pretty. I watched a guy doing it and it seems pretty straight forward, and I would definitely look into making one's own jump rings.
  • @liz, you shoudl just be able to google that. The ring mandrel I bought had directions on how to do it and it is relatively simple to make that style.

    THis is they style I was talking about. I'm certain you could find a tutorial on youtube.
  • I have actually found a way to close them very tightly, but I don't think I could explain it as well as I can show it.
  • I would like to learn how to properly solder closed a jump ring after you have put it on. I have a terrible problem with the thread, wire or whatever I used getting through the gap in the jump ring over time no matter how good I put the ring on. The only way to secure it would be Solder I think.
  • I want to learn how to make chainmaille. I was at a craft show this weekend and saw the most amazing, delicate chainmaille work and now I have to know how.
  • Cool! I'd like to learn how to do wire wrapped rings with beads.