The Vintage Club
  • Welcome to The Vintage Club. It is great to see so many wonderful vintage shops showing up here on The Craft Star.

    As requested, here is your club.

  • I am always available to help anyone that wants to start a vintage shop. I have sold vintage for almost 20 years. I use to own a brick and mortar antique mall and an antique shop for many years. I have studied vintage jewelry as well and that is my speciality area.....message me if anyone could use some help with anything vintage.
  • Welcome patty!! i think you will do GREAT here!! your jewelry is wonderful!
  • hello all you beautiful vintage peeps here on Thecraftstar....I just opened my new shop here called Jewel Hoarders and I am very excited to be here and get to know you all.
  • That's great Georgia...I had my eye on that, but I seem to be spending more then I'm selling at the BNR. hahaha
  • YAAAY! i sold my Blue Willow Teacup and saucer tonight in the BNR!!!
  • On most selling sites, "vintage" means more than 20 years old. So, here, it is anything older than 1993.
  • Please can I join :) I have nothing vintage listed yet - but am in the process :)

    One confusing thing - how old does it have to be for vintage ? Technically here in UK and Ireland, its 30 years, so before 1983.
  • congrats Georgia!!!!
  • wooo hooo!! i had my firt sale in my vintage shop!
  • I now have my shop open! come on over and take a peek!
  • They don't expire.
  • they don't (I don't think) the monthly fee is only $5
  • New shop owner at TheCraftStar... DLSpecialties ... DreamLand Specialties
    Still learning the ropes... when do listings expire?
  • I want to start a vintage shop!! Looks like fun =)

    hmm......where to start where to start...
  • Just post away. You don't have to stick to this one thread either. If you want to start another thread in this team, you can do that too. Each team can have multiple threads going. So start threads within this team on any topic you like.
  • I think you just post as you want....I'm glad to not be alone anymore here. LOL
  • Me too, I'm new and just started listing. Do you officially "join" this club, or just post as you want?
  • whoohoo...I just started listing, but I'm liking it here. :0)