What Club do *you* want started?
  • Hello, Everyone,

    If you would like us to start a specific club, please post your suggestion in this forum. I will check several times a day, and try to set them up as soon as I can.

  • Being in the U.k, I can't see anywhere relating to us? At least I can't see it, so this is my suggestion.
  • I would love to see a tatting club. The tatting community on the web has exploded in the last few years. And I will send this info about the craftstar to everyone I associate with.
  • Sorry, this was moved down the priority ladder a bit during the holidays, because the Clubs were so quiet.

    I have started it for you now.
  • I guess my The CraftStar Jack of All Trades Club was not good suggestion. Oh well Thank you anyway
  • Thank you John
  • I will add it to the list. I have a few teams to add, and will be adding them this weekend.
  • Hey John, How about a Jack of All Trades Club Please. I would love to see how many people do a variety of items.
  • I set it up for you. You should see it at the top of the Club page.

    If anyone else wants a new club, post a request. I will be adding more soon.
  • Hi John I posted my request for a New York Club under The Jewelry Club. I would like to know if there is a NEW York group? I would be interested in starting one. We could help each other with info on open events where we can show our items. Talk about Sales Tax and shipping items to other States. Maybe set up meeting or get togethers. Things that would benefit each of us. Since I am new If there is room for groups like this maybe others would like to start one for the home state. I hope this is a good idea. Thanks
  • No worries, simply suggestions :)
  • That is a long list of clubs.

    Before I start them all, I will open this up to the rest of the group. Is there enough interest to start all of these clubs?

    Let me know.

  • A Craft Supplies Club,
    I post to Australia type Club,
    Spiritual Healing/Magick ect,
    Papercraft (greeting cards ect),
    Witches, gypsies, fairies ect.
    A Collections Club,
    Crystals & Gemstones,

    heres a few suggestions :)
  • Patty,

    I have set up your Swap Club. Have fun, and happy swapping.
  • If I can I would love to start a Monthly Craft Swap Club.....sellers would sign up in my club that want to do a craft swap with a different theme each month....for example the month of Oct...would be for a Halloween craft of some kind to be made to send to your partner that I match you up with. The value of the item can be worth no more then 10 bucks and each seller is responsible for making and shipping their craft to their partner by a certain date each month...if sellers want to join my club they just sign up in the club....I would start the first exchange on Oct 1st. I would take names until Oct. 10th....and then message each signed up member with their partners name and shipping information.
  • Ok well, I wanted to start a monthly craft swapping club among sellers but it looks I would have no control over sitting it up and running the club myself....so I guess I will not start a club since I can not do make it an active place that people want to join and have fun in.
  • There is a social media section in the main forums, for everyone to post their links.

    But I have created a social media club as well, for more specific targeting.

  • John, I think we should post a social media club. We can post our links, follow others, and post items to promote. It's like a social media blitz. Would provide a ton of back links to TCS and each others shops.
  • A Pet Club! :)
  • I need a BNR club John please.