Welcome to the BNR Club
  • Ok BNR, enthusiasts, here is you club. Here's wishing you much fun, and many sales.
  • Jorge,

    Email Rhonda@thecraftstar.com for all the information.
  • How do I get in on BNR?? http://mrscraftyrving.thecraftstar.com/ would love to join/follow/shop/support BNR
  • There is only the one BNR and we really only do it on that one day/time each week.

    I am not sure about the BNR email, because I don't subscribe to it, so I don't know what it is.

    You can email Rhonda@thecraftstar for more information.
  • About 6 weeks ago, I signed up with the BNR to get emails, but I haven't been getting any. It doesn't look like there's been a BNR in a while. Who is the curator? How is it promoted? Is there some other discussion board that I'm missing? I was expecting more activity, but I seem to be missing out. Please help.
  • Amy,

    We do the BNR party on Monday nights. We do a live show at 7:30pm Eastern, 4:30pm Pacific and then do the BNR at 8 Eastern, 5 Pacific. If you show up then, you can find out how it all works.

    It's a lot of fun and a great chance to meet other sellers.
  • OH sounds like fun! How do I join ?
  • Do you have some idea to fix the bug where currently you can't chat on mobile? Last night was my first attempt at the bnr, but I discovered that I couldn't do it on my mobile, neither my phone nor my tablet. That's a big problem for people on the go.
  • Cool. I want more opinions of course, but I will bring this up during our next meeting.
  • I think the problem started when we started having the live chat right before the BNR. many people(or their computers) cannot keep up with both. The last few times all we have accomplished is continually rebooting and trying to stay logged on. The BNR was going great as far as sales until the live chat...so i am wondering if we should have one night straight BNR and one for the live chat ( like we are on Thursdays now). Also many people came into the last few times ready to buy but were told it was either cancelled or no longer going on Thursdays. I really think we turned a lot of new potential participants away. These are just my opinions... not sure I have any answers... am willing to support and cheer TCS on in any way! See you all Thursday!
  • I'm wondering if there is a day/time that would work better for people than what we are doing now. Please let me know. Like if you just aren't around on Monday, or you need to wait til payday, etc. I can't promise it will change, but we can look into alternatives so that more people can be involved.
  • Thanks, that would be great, I sell Internationally but It's quite hard buying when 50% off Shops don't
  • We tired having one on a Saturday morning once, to catch the International sellers. I will suggest to Bethan that we try it again.

    We have also looked at doing more than one BNR board. I will also recommend that we consider doing an International one, that would only include shops that ship internationally.
  • I'm not having much luck catching the BNR, I'm in Australia and It runs at the wrong time for me sadly
    we have one that runs on Monday night and Thursday night. There is a pre-show on the air at 7:30 E and 4:30 P, with the BNR starting at 8 E, 5 P.
  • Monday Evening!
  • When is the next BNR?
  • Heather,

    Some have restrictions on "fine jewelry". Now, I may not be using the "big four" (diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires), but, with my prices, I can hardly call my work "costume jewelry". So, yeah, there are some countries where you can't ship fine jewelry.
  • Wow. I guess I never thought to look into shipping laws in countries. I have shipped all over the world and never had a problem with it.
  • Yay Ruth,

    Join us tomorrow night. We'd love to see you there. The chatroom is always a fun time during these.
  • My shop is still new without a lot in it yet, but I am looking forward to these---I work Mondays, but Thursdays I'm off, hooray!
  • My listings only have US shipping at the moment because I do high end jewelry. The laws in each country are so vastly different that I find I have to research each country's laws individually. So, if people outside the US want to purchase, and I can legally ship to that country, I will. I have shipped to Canada and Hong Kong in the past. There are a few countries I had to turn down shipping to (can't remember what they were) because of the laws in that country.

    But, if my research tells me I can legally ship to Australia, I will!
  • I ship to Australia! i will ship anywhere...lol
  • Michelle, I ship to Australia! :)
  • I hope a lot of you ship to Australia so I can join in :)
  • Sam,

    Hopefully we'll see you on Thursday. But yay for you with having a lot of orders!
  • I've been so busy racing to catch up with orders---I haven't had time to shop!! I want to buy thingssssssssssssssssss =)
  • john ..lol it was way too early! thanks georgia
  • Georgia,

    Just so you know, I removed the times from your first post because they were incorrect. Thank you for catching that and reposting the correct times.
    we have one that runs on Monday night and Thursday night. There is a pre-show on the air at 7:30 E and 4:30 P, with the BNR starting at 8 E, 5 P.
  • Hi Hildi! Welcome to TCS!!!! We have BNR every Monday and Thursday night. There is a BNR Board set up under "Collections" on the front page of TheCraftStar. The BNR board is always the first Collection listed. you can buy anything from any of the shops on the board and then replace it with an item of yours. The next BNR is Thursday but you do not have to wait to buy! you can go anytime to the BNR board and purchase! most shops have coupon codes listed under the board so you get bargains too! We would love to see you there!! Rhonda from Steampunk Beadery is in charge of keeping track of sales on the BNR board and will assist you in listing your item.
  • I LOVE to BNR.... Can anyone please tell me how to go about joining this group? I am relatively new to Craftstar. My shop is not fully stocked yet, I am still updating listings... I would love to become more involved, just need a little bit of guidance... :)
  • OK, loving the BNR thing!
  • YES!! It was just posted on the facebook page!! yay!
  • Is there going to be a BNR today?
  • It's always a good idea to check the Facebook page for announcements. I don't think a decision has been reached yet on Monday.
  • Sounds good :)
  • Monday is labor day.... maybe time for a vacation?
  • Poor Rhonda!!!

    (sending out positive energy to Rhonda)
  • Sorry about cancelling last night. Bethan had no electricity, Rhonda (BNR)'s computer broke and I have the flu. Hopefully everything will be up and running for Monday!
  • I hath arrived! LOL...where's the party?
  • Yankee, we also do it on Thursdays as well.
  • mondays (and kids bedtimes) are hard for me. can I purchase at any time, and still get my shop listed?

    Never mind....I just read John's comment.
  • The BNR is so much fun.....I encourage everyone to join next Monday. Its a great opportunity to show your stuff and meet other sellers as well.
  • The BNR collection is the top collection on page 1 of the collections.

    All of the rules are posted there.
  • How does the BNR work? Is there a certain time frame to buy stuff from it??
  • Kelly, we have one that runs on Monday night and Thursday night. There is a pre-show on the air at 7:30 E and 4:30 P, with the BNR starting at 8 E, 5 P.

    See you there!
  • Oooh kAy!! BNR Babies!! Woot! :P Can't wait to check em out! :0)
  • Veronica,

    Go to the collections area. The BNR collection is always at the top of the list.
  • Is the board already available for me to look at then? I can try to do the pre-buy idea.