• Ok, let's get some chatter going.

    What inspires your jewelry?

    Do you follow trends? Do you not follow trends? Do you make with a specific type of person in mind? Do you study fashion? Do you just make whatever interests you? Do you just find some interesting stones/beads and make something from that? Or do you design specific pieces in advance and then get the materials to make them?

    What are your inspirations?
  • I too try to keep up with what is trending, especially on popular TV shows. If I see it more than once or twice, I'll try to make something like it. I make a lot of 'standard' styles, but then put my own twist on them. I go with popular colors along with old stand-bys. I also sell to the young and the old. I am in the low to moderate price range, enough to make a profit but not enough to quit the day job. Everyone deserves to have nice things to wear! is my motto. I have beads in my stash that are over 40 years old. I've been at this a long time and some things just never go out of style, or have come back around. I don't do live shows much anymore, I am by myself and it's too hard physically. I'm also in an area that doesn't support that kind of business. In Southern California, they like to shop online or wear what the stars do and shop where the stars do. But I keep on plugging along. Thanks everyone!
  • I love the creation part of making jewelry. I would say that is my greatest strength and weakness at the same time. I get lost in creating new pieces and I don't make several of one kind so that I can sell them a bit better at festivals. Plus I'm always surprised at what sells and what doesn't. Some of the pieces that I love, because they are a true expression of me will sit for months.
  • I keep meaning to get a color wheel so that I can play more with color.
  • My new favorite color combo is gold, turquoise and carnelian orange. Stunning. I have to find new beads today to do a necklace in that combo.
  • color color color!
  • I agree, Heather. While I pay attention to trends, I don't make trendy items. I like to follow the trends so that, if something in my shop matches a current trend, I can move it to the front of the shop or promote it a little more. That way, people who want something trendy can find it easily. But I try to make things that can be worn year after year, season after season, all year round. This way, people with basic wardrobes always have something fun to dress it up.

    My two main inspirations are my day job, and fashion magazines.

    For my day job, I work in health care. It's an industry with a LOT of white collar women. As I see women throughout the day, I pay attention to what they are wearing. If they aren't wearing any jewelry, I start to imagine what would look good with that outfit. I actually do the same thing when I am watching the local news. If the female anchor isn't wearing jewelry, I try to imagine what sort of piece would work with that outfit. That's how I end up with color combinations and styles sometimes.

    In magazines, it's a lot of the same thing. I will see an ad, and sometimes I don't like the way the model was styled, so I try to imagine what would have worked better.
  • I buy whatever beads catch my eye. I'm sure that I am inspired by things around me, but I won't follow trends because usually by the time they are popular, it is already to late. I have a couple trendy pieces just because they are easy sales at craftshows and easy to make in bulk so I have inventory on hand at busier shows.
    Usually I have a bead, charm, etc that just needs to be made into something and then I make something that I like with it. If I won't wear it, I won't sell it.
    That is why I don't have a particular style that I sell. My jewelry gets sales from little kids to grandmas because they can always find something that they like (well, almost always.) If I only sold my copper pieces, I would have a much smaller market to sell too, same with my wrap bracelets or my gemstone and sterling specific jewelry.
  • Life Events usually inspire my creations first and foremost.

    Beautiful Photography is my next inspiration

    Clients who order customized items drive my inspiration for creating their individual piece. I try to learn as much as I can about the person and go from there.