Welcome to the Pet Club
  • Hey everyone! Whether you have a pet, like pets, or sell things for pets, here is a club for you!

  • Hi, we have pets and also a nonprofit sanctuary, est '92. Mafias Memory Store is in memory of our precious Mafia.
    Im new here and wandering pretty much lost!
    Im an etsy refugee, thecatslave over there, hoping to completely vacate that place.
    Anyway, hi all:)
  • oh Watson...that is too bad. we have chickens too, (Red the rooster, coco, spot, gladys, pearl, sam, sammy, samantha, thing 1 ((thing 2 just died)), brownie, rusty, and cinnamon) and they are so much fun. they eat from my hand, follow me around the yard, and a few even like to be picked up and held. I also have an indoor cat Patches (she's a calico) and a peekawawa dog named Pee Wee. He's my bed warmer. lol
  • I want to visit Amanda Jane Andersons farm!! That is awesome!! We have 2 cats one orange tabby who is 12 this year and a gray and black tabby, Meg, who is 16. After my husband retires from the Army and we might be in one place longer we plan on rescuing some special needs animals but since I am allergic my husband keeps the numbers down. LOL
  • Two dogs and two cats. Up until 2 weeks ago we had 17 chickens, but a bear got them all!!
  • I have a Cairn Terrier Mix dog, a betta and a hamster.
    We are looking at getting one more dog when we get our house, but then I am done adding pets.
  • Pia,

    No "joining"....just chat.

  • How do I join here I am new. I just listed my first item. I have lots of animals I am a animal person. 4 rescue dogs,cats, fish, birds and snakes. A small percentage ( sometimes more and sometimes less) goes to animal rescue.
  • I have a toy poodle....he is just adorable...I want to join the pet club....so what is it all about and what do we do here at this pets club?
  • Ohhhhhh love it :) I have a tonne of pets lol
    2 donkeys - Thomas and Aoife
    3 chickens - Emily, Harriet and Red the cockerel
    2 housecats (live in and out as it pleases them lol) called Dexy and Roisin
    Loads of outdoor cats (don't come in the house but have old continental quilts as beds in a double glazed out-room extension of the old cottage) including Momma Cat aka Mona, Woofy, Skirt, Sooty, Sweep, Tabby and Tibby (all born in the shed to Momma Cat aka Mona) a stray from the farm up the road we call Annoying among other things, and 2 or 3 other visiting wanderers depending on how they feel !!!
    I also feed the wild birds and have a clutch of pheasants in my copse at the bottom of the veggie garden :) The baby pheasants are very cute :) Usually about 12 all following their Mommy everywhere, including where she flies when they get a bit bigger lol

    I am in the process of designing and making some doggy sweaters and jumpers. Ready for the Northern hemisphere Winter. Biggest problem is finding models !