Welcome to the Swap Club
  • It was requested that a Swap Club be set up. Here is your club. Happy swapping!
  • I am sorry Stephanie but there will no longer be an craft club exchange...however there is suppose to be some kind of place for trading with others coming up soon. Not the same thing but I guess it is suppose to be fun as well.
  • I would like to get in on this awesome exchange!!
  • this was not to be a trading post but a craft exchange ..but it is ok i am sure we will enjoy what ever comes along.
  • It's not being completely cancelled, just postponed.

    We will be launching a "totally unique, totally fun" (Bethan's words) feature in the near future that will enable trading.

    Stay Tuned.
  • I am sorry but I have been told I need to cancel this exchange ....sorry everyone.
  • Everyone that wants to join in the Oct Halloween craft swap please send your name and shipping information to me at buyers@peak.org
  • I'm in! Cool and TY!
  • I'm in!! thanks patty!
  • I'm in. Great idea, Patty!
  • Welcome to the Swap Club. This club is asking for members that would love to join my monthly craft swap exchange. There will be a swap each month that starts on the 10th with sign up of names that want to join on the 1st. of each month. Each month will be a different theme for example Oct. will be for a craft that has to do with anything Halloween. The value of the swap can not be more then $10.00. Each swap partner will be responsible for mailing their swap to their partner by a certain date each month. I will privately message each swap member with their partners shipping address once I draw names and partner people up. If you join this swap and for some medical reason or personal reason comes up that you can not keep your swap you will need to contact me so I personally can make sure your partner gets a swap so no one goes left out. If you would like to join this swap club please just post a comment and say sign me up then email me your full name and shipping address to buyers@peak.org. This promises to be a lot of fun so I hope you will join me with this new adventure here on Craft Star. If you have any questions please contact me in my shop Jewel Hoarders.