Pinterest Community Board
  • We have just opened up a community Pinterest board! That means that you guys can pin your items to it OR pin your favorite items from the site. We would love to get tons of people doing this, but I need your email addresses to invite you to join!
    If you want to be part of this board, please leave your email address here or email me at!
  • Ohhh add me to the list!!! is our email!
  • Got you added now Amy!
  • never mind, finally saw the link on the top of the page ;-)
  • cant you post a link ? i cant find them in search
  • @amy, I will be able to add you as soon as you follow thecraftstar's boards.
  • my email is love pinterest!!
  • I added the first one, but I can't add the second one as they are not following our boards.
  •……MarKateLiz Designs
    and ….Ethereal Energy

    We would love to be part of the Pinterest Group. Thank you.
  • Please email me at with the address you use to log into pinterest.
  • I would love to be a part of this group!
  • Yay! Glad we got you in. The fun thing is that the people who follow all of your boards will see these posts AND that goes for every single person who is in the group. So thousands (hopefully more) of new customers will be seeing the pins!
  • I resent it to the address you emailed me :)
  • Heather, I just realized that I've been giving you the wrong email address for the invite. so I sent you a new email with the correct one for me.
  • I just tried again today and it said it sent both requests! I hope you get them. If i remember right, you guys can add your crafty friends too! Would love it if people would try that!
  • nothing in my notifications.
  • Sigh. Ok. I hope they get this fixed soon. I will try again now.
  • I can't see an invite in my Inbox or Notifications sorry
  • Have you checked your pinterest notifications? I didn't get an email, but I found it there and was able to join the group from that.
    Pinterest has posted that there is a problem with how this whole thing is working, so I'm doing my best to get people added while they are fixing things.
  • I got the invite in the mail, but it didn't work. :-(
  • @michelle, I would really super appreciate it if you would check and see in your pinterest notifications if the invite came through and let me know. Pinterest has been having problems with adding people lately and I can't tell if people are getting invited! Thank you in advance!
  • I would love to be involved
  • I've pinned a couple of things already.
  • ok. I went to go add you and it won't let me. Pinterest knows about this and is working on it. As soon as it gets fixed I will add people again!
  • Once I accept you, it will show up on your pinterest page. You will not get an email about it. @Debbi, I don't think I saw an email from you but I will add you now.
  • I sent you an email, but I'll request to join here also.
  • I got the invite. I will try and pin something later and see if it worked.
  • You two should be added. Please email me at the above address if it didn't work. The process of adding has been glitchy.

    would love to be part of it!