Welcome to the Jack of All Trades Club
  • If you do more than one kind of art/craft, this is the club for you.
  • Oh this definitely fits me!! I knit, crochet, tat, sculpt, throw and handbuild pottery, make cakes, draw, weave, spin yarn, and more if I stumble upon something I haven't tried!! LOL I only sell my yarn and pottery...had to consolidate the sales somehow!! :) So I morphed my pottery into touching many of those crafts. I make Yarn Bowls for the yarn addiction, Sculptural needle holders for the knitting and crochet addiction, mandala circular weaving looms for the weaving addiction and was thinking about creating a tatting shuttle for the tatting addiction, and I have sketched up some ideas for cupcake holders for the cake loving addiction :) My imagination runs wild as you might guess :)
  • ha! That is awesome. Pretty sure it is true though.
  • You sound like me Heather....lol You do a variety of things that have no connection to each other. My husband says that I do crafts because they keep me busy, keep me off the streets and helps me stay out of trouble...lol
  • how nice...other artists with ADD hahaha.
    I do most anything that involves yarn, paint, and beads.
  • I also do photography, in addition to the jewelry. I've done some exhibits around the Seattle area for my photos.
  • I do jewelry, photography, crochet, bath and body, sewing, cross-stitch. etc. I constantly have to be doing something.
  • We started this club because of the variety of items my sister and I make. We're interested to see if there are any crafters like us. We make lanterns with stained glass, potpourri vases, macramé, kitchen hanging towels, felt items, Christmas ornaments and much more. What crafts do you make? What is your favorite item?

    Thinking of making a new item, but not sure how to go about doing it? Tell us maybe we can help. Any older items you want to improve? Suggestions are always helpful when making crafts.

    We would love hearing from you.