The Sewing Club
  • Welcome to The CraftStar Sewing Club! Please join in here if you have an interest in sewing.
  • Elsie,

    A quilting club has been started for you.
  • HI. I'm Elsie and I'm a quilter. My shop, Quilts by Elsie, has quilts, other quilty items, patterns which I designed, etc. Maybe the powers that be could start a quilting club?
  • Hi my name is Faith and I have a custom shop but I also make placemats, napkins my specialty is window treatments which I do not have on here yet. My shop is at this time called Custom Chair Cushions. If you have any needs let me know. I will joining in on conversations. I love fabric, and I love to quilt there is just to much to do. I have been sewing since I was 5 and now well I am 58. I can make anything. I look forward to this site.
  • Hey everyone! New to Craftstar, but I've been sewing since I was in high school many moons ago! I look forward to getting to know all of you!
  • does any one here make small pouches or wallets? I need one, but just plain white, and while I can sew, I usually don't. lol
  • Hello! My name is Michelle Bolding. I have two shops featuring sewn goods. Auntie M's Doll Boutique is currently being built. My newest shop, Cozy Country Kitchen, will be along soon. It will have sewn goods that make a kitchen more like a cozy home. I have been with TCS since its beginning and I have enjoyed watching it grow.
  • Helllllloooo Fellow craftors!
    My name is Georgia, my shop name is
    i LOVE making aprons!! i also have dolls and pillows listed! would love to do custom orders also!
  • Hello! I am Chrystal and my shop is Green Asian. So far, I make aprons, bags, pouches, wallets, and key fobs but hopefully will expand to other things. I also will do custom orders.

    I occasional do craft fairs in my area for fun.

    I am addicted to fabric! I love finding new and interesting prints and turn them into items for sale (or to keep for myself). ^_^

    You can also find me on facebook ( )
  • Hi
    My name is Mandy and my shop is Sweetpea Fabric Art. I design and make handbags and accessories, and have loved making things from fabric for years now. Let me know what your favourite make is?
  • Hi! I'm Jess and I own Larlie and Woo. I sew custom orders, baby stuff, bags, custom nursery items, decor, kid's clothing, etc. I am also an acrylic painter. I love it here and am hoping to meet some other sellers here who also love to sew! :)