The Photography Club
  • Welcome to The CraftStar Photography Club! Please join in here if you have an interest in photography.
  • I could really use some tips on how to get the best picture for my items that I have listed for sale.
  • ooooh, What fun!!!! Thanks!

  • Hildi

    You just did.
  • Hi All! I am a photographer, too. I am building my shop here onCraftstar, and would love to become more involved in the communities... Can yoiu please tell me how I go about joining the Photography club???
  • HI,
    My name is Lynne my shop name will be LMRPhotography.
    I don't have anything listed yet, but will be working on lisiting my photographs in the next few days.
    I mainly shoot macro and flowers.
    I also use some of my photographs to make necklaces.
  • Amanda,

    I also have a small amount of color work that I do (nature, landscape, etc). One of these days, I might do something here with that.
  • Hey John :) You could always crop parts of your photos, and sell the result. Sometimes that can result in an amazing picture :)
  • @Ashley, I totally understand what you mean. I just tell people that I get bored easily, so I must have a million jobs to keep me entertained.
    I prefer macro flower photography and wildlife photography though.
  • I do black and white fine art potraiture. I don't call it "erotic", because it's not really sexual. They're nude, but it's not erotic....never sure how to describe it.

    But I have exhibited around the Seattle area.
  • John, you're intriguing me too. hehe

    I like to do a little hobby photography on the side. Nothing too fancy. But doing a lot of the research and playing around with my camera has helped me so much for my shop photos.
  • On top of all my crafting, I'm also an event/portrait/pin-up photographer. I like to have zero free time apparently.

    And now I'm intrigued John....
  • I do a lot of photography, I just can't sell my kind of photography on this site, hehehe

    But I'll be around as a resource.
  • Can't wait to meet my fellow photographers!