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  • Welcome to The CraftStar Knitting Club! Please join in here if you have an interest in knitting.
  • Is anyone interested in having a group on Ravelry? I'm happy to start one if people are interested. My Ravelry user name is knitnskate, if you add me to your friends, I'll add you to mine!
  • I have the custom order knit afghan done. WHEW!!! Now waiting for final payment to mail it out. Now am busy getting things ready for 3 craft shows coming up on November. Lots to do and only a month to get it done.
  • Eva, definitely not looking for a cure, more like looking for my fixes!
  • Hi SusanE,
    Let me tell you there is no cure for a knitaholic. So our families may as well grin and bear it.
  • Hi everyone, My name is Susan and I'm a Knitaholic.....
  • Have fun with that baby, they grow so fast.
  • Eva,
    They are fun. Hope to take part more in the conversation when I don't have a 3 month old looking for a bottle ! I babysit at nights for my daughter.
  • Came here to encourage people to come to the BNR's on Mondays but Anne I know you were there as was John. They are fun.
  • There ya go! You have a "Jr" line of your business, and the name keeps you branded.
  • John, I just read your reply and thank you for your suggestions. I love the sound of AnnesknitsJr as the knitting would be for babies and children.
  • Giani the Genius. If I ever have to start another shop I will come to you for a name.
  • Anne, will they be knitted as well? If so, perhaps AnnesBabyKnits? Or AnnesKnitsJr? If it stays close to your current name people might find both in a google search.
  • That would be my problem. When I first started doing craft shows 30 some odd years ago I wanted to be Hook and Needle and a friend told me not a good name. Then my mom told me I should be the Knittin Kitten and my friend quick snatched that up before I could and she didn't even knit that much, mostly crochet. So then I went with my current name. It is hard to come up with something that is unique.
  • Hi Eva,
    I have been thinking that someone looking for a shawl is probably not going to be buying baby items. Now I need to come up with a name for the new shop !!
  • Hi Anne,
    Seems that John did a great job of answering your question. I am working on some of those frilly scarves and when and if I ever get them done to my satisfaction I will probably be thinking the same thing. Will the scarves fit in the same shop with my dishcloths, etc. They could or could not have the same market depending on how they are marketed. Make sense?
  • Thank you John, that is what I was thinking .
  • Anne,

    When trying to make that decision, the best answer I can give you is "will these items have the same target market?". If they will, then you might consider keeping them together. If they won't, then maybe you should open a second shop, so that you can promote the items directly to their individual target markets.
  • I am trying to decide whether to keep all my shawls and scarves in one shop and open another to sell the baby and children items. Does anyone have any thoughts on this ?
  • Eva,
    Enjoy your vacation.
  • Hi Anne,
    I am still struggling with the first one but am thinking I am going to finish it and see what it looks like. I have bought some more "yarn" and am taking it along on vacation to see what I can do with it. Have a couple of things in my head I am going to try.

    We are leaving on a vacation of camping up north at a lake. Since my husband, sons and grandson like to fish and I am afraid of water I stay in the camper and knit or crochet. Love being by the water just not in or on it.

    Have a busy day today, loading the camper, baking and doing laundry. Cleaned house yesterday and am hoping it stays that way today. Then have a graduation to go to later this afternoon.

    Wishing all my fellow knitters happy sales. May was my first month without a sale on TCS but only had one sale on the other venue.

  • Did you have any success with the scarf Eva ? I have not tried knitting these. My knitting is on hold for a few days as my daughter went back to work and I am babysitting 5 nights a week !!!
  • Wow this was in my draft for some reason and when I posted it thinking I hadn't now it is there twice. Sorry to bore my fellow knitters. Have been so busy with summer stuff, digging and planting, etc. that haven't been getting a lot of knitting done.
  • Anyone who knits the frilly scarves, I need help. I want to add them to my shop and when I try to do it they look like cones.
  • Anyone who knits the frilly scarves, I need help. I want to add them to my shop and when I try to do it they look like cones.
  • The last 2 days have been bad. Worked so long Friday didn't get to pick up my knitting needles and yesterday only for a couple hours. Wonder what today will bring. Happy Mother's Day knitters.
  • I need to take time to watch the hangout this weekend.
  • Did you listen to last nights hang out very informative.
  • Anyone else out there a knitter that wants to chat?