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  • Let us know so we can squash it
  • Hi, I have three shops open. Two are handmade items, all made by me. My third shop is strictly Vintage items. All goes well posting handmade and they show up in "recently posted handmade". But when I posted my Vintage items and clicked the Vintage category and posted them....they showed up guessed it..."recently posted handmade". I have noticed that since joining this site about 2 months ago that the items in "recently posted vintage" hasn't changed at all.
    Thanks, anxiously awaiting your reply
  • Hi this morning, November 14, 2015, I am having trouble with the Sub Categories. After clicking "Jewelry" the sub category drop down menu is not working, no options appear. My own shop listing sub categories work, but not the site's. Just a heads up. Thank you - Alix Browning, The Alchemists Vessel
  • The front page doesn't appear to be updating. It's been stuck for quite a while now.
  • I also get a LOT of broken image links when doing searches.
  • When doing a search, I get results, but can't view them all. The next button works for a few pages but then all of a sudden it won't go forward. Say I'm on page 4, I can't move to page 5 of the results using the next button or the page 5 button.
  • I cannot add my product description when listing a new item. The box does not even appear.
  • I find it difficult to get anywhere from the "new" homepage. Collections don't show up--it says collections, but click on an item and it takes you to that seller's page. Also, I can't easily get to my shop from the home page. It assumes you want to buy. Often, I want to edit a listing or add new product., so I have my shop page bookmarked, but sometimes like to check out the home page.
    I just had an email saying some of my items had been included in a collection. The only way I could find the collection was to click on the url in the email. Seems a customer would never be directed to that collection.
  • Don't know if this is technically a bug... but I have 2 shops now and wanted to put only one on vacation... but apparently, it's still active if the other shop is active. Would love to be able to close one shop while at craft fairs but leave the other one active.
  • If you guys are experiencing problems with the CSV importer, please email me at with the specific problem.
  • Edits won't save when unchecking the "made in USA" badge on supplies listings.
  • Andrea,

    Try deleting the old one, and then log out. Clear your cache completely and then try and load the new one.
  • I can't change my shop banner. I tried and tried.
  • I wasn't too worried, because it was something I could make again, if need be. I was just happy to have caught it.
  • John, as per facebook, I think they are working on that as someone else said they had things in draft that were relisted. Kim was working with Josh on this problem.
  • It shouldn't cost anything to renew them.

    I just found a draft item relisted in my shop, and I didn't relist it.
  • I just had about 16 items expire over night. I didn't think they were going to expires with the new monthly fee. Any suggestions?
  • Unable to click the Our Category IDs can be found here link and get the categories... I get a page error instead. Where else are the category listings found? I downloaded a set 7 months ago but they have changed a lot since then and I am creating a CVS file for upload and need the Category IDs for my new listings. Thank for any help you can give me.
  • Subcategories from the main categories are working fine for me, however subcategories of subcategories do not work. They disappear before being able to be "clicked" upon.
  • @terry, I let staff know.
  • The sub categories for custom categories does not seem to be working properly, only works sometimes. Other wise, it makes the sub category into a custom category and I now have duplicate custom categories and cannot figure out how to delete the duplicates.
  • The "post your new listings" thread is showing in the main list as having "76 new" entries, even though there aren't any.
  • is there a way to tell what they changed say from one export to another. I have an etsy export from January when I first setup my shop, then I have the one I just did in March. Everything in both of them looks identical including the image file information.
  • The techs are looking into the Etsy import system. It's looking like they've changed the way you can export items from there. They're probably fed up with so many people doing it so are making it more difficult!
  • When importing from E no photos show up and I have to do it manually.
  • Just tried from Wanelo and it took me to the Craftstar main page again
  • That's odd. I just tried it with your shop name and it took me right to your shop.
  • If I put the url to my shop on another website and then click on it it takes me to the Craftstar home page, not to my shop
  • I offer free shipping to US, but do have a price for additional items shipped together, but my listings say both are free. Cannot find a way to change that.

    I also cannot leave comments on items I have favorited. Not sure how to do that either.
  • I love the looks of the "newly listed" page.... however, the images do not completely fill the page. It's always short two images at the end of the page. Just thought I'd let you know... surprised no one else has noticed.
  • Many collections are not showing all the items. For instance, many of mine indicate that there is still 16 items but only show 14 or 15. At first I assumed something has sold but when I try to add items it shows it is still full at 16 so I think its a bug.
  • Serena ... can you please email me a screenshot of the error you're getting?
  • Bethan tried again today to share on fb a collection wasn't able to, got error, I am able to tweet it though
  • Was going thru my listings and saw it has tweets when I go to them it reads nothing found, worked for some not all, that's weird
  • Serena ... the techs were pushing through some updates which might have clashed when you tried sharing. Please let me know if it happens again.
  • Just tried to share a collection on fb and got and error
  • Susan .. check out the HOW TO GUIDES at the bottom of the page.
  • Just trying to comment on the collections, it's not working for me right now. Although I have been able to most times.
  • I made my first sale which is a international sale. Currently at this time I have international shipping unclick till I get it figured out on how to set it up. The sale went through.

    Also, is there somewhere to read, or get assistance on setting up the shipping part?

  • Eva .. I'll have this sorted tomorrow.
  • I went to leave feedback on Poochy Coutour and after I clicked one star a pop up came and asked if I wanted to leave feed back and I clicked OK so she only got one star and she should have had 5 stars. I loved what I got and she was very prompt with her mailing. Is there anyway that can be corrected? Thanks.
  • Thank you Roni .. will let the techs know.
  • My forum profile pic keeps disappearing... I have to keep uploading it on each log in.
  • Yeah, I have the same thing when viewing 'products purchased'. There's only one thing that ever shows up and it's neither my first nor last purchase, somewhere in the middle!
  • Yes, the comments can be viewed.
  • But the comments can't be viewed. Or can they?
  • Purchasers ARE given the option to make comments.
  • Also, when I go to my "Products Purchased" it doesn't show any of my purchases and just says "no record is available". I have to go to PayPal to see what I purchased.
  • Are they working on feedback? The only thing showing at this time are how many stars someone has. That doesn't tell me anything.
  • Thanks Bethan!
  • Part of my collection is being cut off including the comment section.... I should have 16 items and only 8 are showing.

    Roni - thank you. Have sent to the techs.

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