• If you have not seen The CraftStar has launched a new future for your shop. Being a new e:commerce site this such a great thing to showcase to potential buyers. Here is an example of how you would fill in the information under your shop settings.
    If you have 100 sales on ebay, 200 on etsy ect. In the Online Sales section your total would be 300. If you sold to 100 people at a craft sale or at a local shop then you would put 100 in offline sales. The Total numbers would then be visible for people get a sense of your selling history creating some trust in their transaction with you. As for the feedback section you can copy and paste some of your testimonials from customers on any site.

    In the Sales Info section you would just write a little description saying You sold on Etsy, Ebay, Artfire where ever. I hope that helps. If you have any other questions please ask away and you may also email me at carrie@thecraftstar.com I would be glad to help.

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