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  • I know, I know, developing a mobile app is expensive & time-consuming. However, for those of us who can't be by our computers all the time, a mobile app would be a blessing! Certain other selling sites have mobile apps and let me tell you, people rave about what a life-saver they can be when you need to list an item, edit an item, etc., but aren't near the computer. Just a thought. :)
  • Debbi Did you ever figure this out??? I'd be willing to help if you need me to.
  • the app is to learn how to get it on the google and itunes stores...
  • Add me to the testers list if needed!! I have iphone 6 plus, 5, 4, and I think my mother has the 5s so I could get input there as well.
  • Thanks Charity...when I get to that point I will surely take you up on your offer. :0)
  • Debbi, if it is for iPhone I volunteer to beta-test if possible. :) I have an iPhone 6 & and iPhone 5c that I can test it on. :)
  • I'm working on one right now. :0)
    but you're right, they are a bit complicated, and can be expensive.
    Hopefully I'll have it up and running by the end of the month. lots of testing first.

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