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  • I wanted some guidance please. I volunteer with a boxer rescue group. I do crafts...mostly sandblasting glass, which I sell and donate half the proceeds of my sales to the rescue to help with rescue costs.

    I have been selling on FB, which seems to be hit and miss....sometimes followers get my posts and sometimes they don't. I have been taking special orders, which has killed me as I work a full time job, have dogs of my the rescue work and take care of my mom and an aunts medical affairs...shew..that made me tired just typing it. LOL

    What I would like to do is make items and post them as I have them completed and let people buy from here, if it is possible, which means I may have a few things listed for sale, or at times just one or two. That way I could work at my pace when I have time, and not take the custom orders. And if I don't have time to make anything to list, then I wouldn't need to worry.

    Is that feasible to do here?

    Thank you for your help!
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