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  • Hey all,

    I've used Zoneminder a few times in the past for personal use, but only for very simple use cases. I work for a casino that is going to be ready to find a new surveillance vendor soon. We have roughly 200 cameras, all of which are old analog cameras. All of the cameras will need to be replaced (pretty much) regardless of which vendor is chosen. I was curious if this would be a suitable solution. Our old vendor (Pelco) is quite expensive and the ability to use third party devices is limited. I've reviewed the wiki and docs and am aware of the scalability of Zoneminder, but wanted a personal response as to the usability in a business sense. I work in the IT department and have successfully replaced our firewalls, spam filter, and various other things with open source projects, but this would be a major project requiring a complete redesign. I'm very comfortable with Linux and such. Mostly, I'd like to know if anybody else is using this in a business setting of this volume.

    Is it possible to setup a monitor wall with 50-/+ cameras, each displaying on an individual monitor? Can you setup multiple users, each having access to only certain cameras? Can PTZ presets only be setup if the camera allows them?

    Thank you in advance.

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    explainer video

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