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About Me : Welcome to Inspired by Karma!!

First let me say thank you for dropping in and I am happy you are here!

A little about me:
I believe in Karma, in that 'what goes around comes around', and you get back more than you give, both the good and the bad. I apply this to every aspect of my life, personally and professionally! I love to inspire, encourage and motivate people, and make it part of my daily routine to do just that! More details? Ok, you talked me into it!! I am a single mom, of two handsome teenage boys, and I live and work in Nashville, TN! What inspires me and what do I like? It's probably easier to list the things I dislike, but let me see if I can get you inside my head a little bit! I was most likely a hippie in my former life! Peace, love and good music are right up my alley! This is a "drama free zone" and I enjoy the simpler things in life. Of course I love jewelry...I'm distracted by shiny things! I love all animals, but have a fondness for cats! I also love horses, anything that lives in the ocean, tigers (they remind me of my dad), and butterflies (they remind me of my mom). I am addicted to anything that makes me feel good! I love soft and supple textures and fabrics, candles, room sprays, soaps lotions, and body sprays (I promise, I don't stink)! I love natural products, things created from nature, and anything nature inspired! I also enjoy unique and one of a kind things that everyone else doesn't have! I have no desire to be like anyone else, and I keep myself grounded by not keeping up with the Jones'! I also enjoy good books, journals, quotes and all things related to staying motivated and self empowered. Oh, did I mention I love a good challenge, learning and mastering new things, and refusing to grow old gracefully? Whew!! There is more, but those are the highlights!

Now that you know a little about me, let me tell you a little about the W's (who, what, where and why) of Inspired by Karma!!

The Who and What:
I design jewelry that has a simple elegance to it, with a focus on clean lines and subtle beauty! I am inspired by nature and gemstones speak to me, so you will see a lot of gemstone jewelry in my shop. Since I have an aversion to being bored and enjoy learning new things, you will see a variety of styles, materials and design methods used... Nobody puts this baby in a corner! :-)

The Where:
In my home studio located in Nashville TN

And most importantly, The Why:
Again, it goes back to that Karma thing and all the things that I love! I believe that every woman should have the privilege of being able to treat herself to high quality jewelry! I also believe that everyone should be able to gift jewelry to those they love, without it costing them a small fortune... So, I have made it my goal to offer just that. High quality jewelry at affordable prices! I may not ever live in a mansion, or drive an Aston Martin, but that's not why I do it! I want touch everyone I meet, know and/or love in a positive and beneficial way. I don't believe I have to have my collection priced outrageously high in order to do that. The way I see it... it's a win/win for both of us. I am able to take care of those two handsome teenagers (and we all know how expensive teenagers are) while maintaining my independence and you will receive high quality and beautiful jewelry that you will love and wear for years to come.

I hope you enjoy my shop and that you will visit often!! Thank you for stopping by! ?

Warm wishes along your journey!