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About Me : The process of creating a painting is what thrills me the most. I am very intensely focused when I paint. Usually painting alone or with one other cherished friend. When a painting is finished I am almost sad, because that specific, unique journey is over; never to be duplicated.

All of creation inspires me. Especially the plants, flowers, trees. I grew up helping my mom in her garden and those \'roots\' have served me well in my painting journeys. I have always been a crafter, even as a child, this is just my latest adventure.

Not being a \'professionally trained\' artist (save for a couple classes) I have had to overcome the idea that I was not a \'real\' artist. Thanks to the encouragement of my friends I now say, "I am an artist".

My work has a softer caste to it, that is on purpose. I seek a gentler way and a kinder spirit to reach out to the world.
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