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About Me : Hi there! I am a former Baker and Chef, current non-traditional college student by day, and impassioned soap maker when I have the time (any time off of school is fair game for loads of soap making)! I started obsessing over cold process soap making in 2008... shortly after the infatuation hit I started to read everything about making cold process soap that I could get my hands on....and in 2009 I started to compulsively make cold process soaps. I find the chemistry fascinating. Taking two substances that are so strongly independent on their own and mixing them to form a completely different element of wonderful bubbliness is just magical to me.

The past few years I've sent soap to family, I've sent soap to friends..I've recorded their feedback and tweaked my recipes (my family and friends are squeaky clean!). I will continue to play with new recipes and have friends and family test...