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About Me : My shop started as a jewelry shop, but has taken a life of it's own as I delved into party favors and entertaining / fun, unique gifts.

I love what I do and my office/studio is a hot mess with my creative juices running amuck. You may find me mixing up concoctions in my laboratory (aka kitchen) like a mad scientist! Or you may find me sanding and painting, or cutting and pasting! I have a lot of projects in the making that I am really excited about!

If asked what I feel is most important in running a business, be it online or what ever the case may be, my answer would be - customer service. To me, the customer is the most important factor in your success. I strive to provide my customers the service I would like to have if the tables were turned. They took the time to come through my virtual doors. They deserve the respect to have their questions answered quickly and any concerns addressed immediately.

I am a wife to a wonderful husband and my best friend, mommy to 3 girls (ages 31 to 5- yes 5 , not a typo!), and Gigi to my 3 adorable little grandsons. I love life and I love having fun with my family and friends.

Do what you love and you will love what you do!