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About Me : I enjoy working with all types of beads and gems. I love creating one of a kind and customized items for people. I pride myself on workmanship and customer service.

I began creating Beaded Things when I was a small child with my Mother. When I got older I was struck with illness and creating things became my way of entertaining myself. As I became an adult I worked in the Communications Field installing wiring for Telephone, Computer and Internet along with the Hardware needed Telephone Systems and Computer Networks. I did this for 17 yrs but I never stopped creating with beads and other things and selling them locally.

When the Economy became so bad that there was no work for my Communications Business I closed it and went full time into creating One of a Kind things, 3D beaded items and Jewelry. I have a dream of owning a brick and mortar Bead and Bauble Shop.

Now my 3 beautiful granddaughters ages 8 7 and 3 (as of 2013) are falling in love with crafting beading and creating things. This warms my heart as I am able to pass on my knowledge and craft to a child and see the glow in their eyes as they learn and create using their own imaginations.

I hope you like what you see, please feel free to comment or contact me with your opinions as I value the opinions of my customers over anyone else's as YOU are who I aim to please with my craft.

Thank you for visiting my shop and for supporting a small business.

Types of items we create:
Beaded, 3D, 3 Dimensional Items, Bird Necklaces, Dragon Necklaces, Crystal Necklaces, Beaded Birds in Displays, Beaded Dragons in Displays, Unique Handmade Jewelry, Themed Jewelry,Beaded Handcrafted Jewelry Medieval Jewelry, Renaissance Jewelry,Handcrafted Beaded Jewelry, Crystal Jewelry, One of a Kind Jewelry, One of a Kind Items