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About Me : As a lifelong jewelry lover, I have always had an eye for things that sparkle. Even as a young girl, I was notorious for getting into my Mom and Grandma’s jewelry and utilizing it in as many ways possible. As I have gotten older, I realize that I have spent countless dollars on jewelry that I fell in love at first sight with. To my dismay, many of those items that I spent a fair amount of money on, never lasted as long as I’d hoped. November of 2011, I embarked on a journey to design and create lasting jewelry, which led to the development of Toads Lily Pond Jewelry.

My poor Mom and Grandma endured the loss of countless jewelry pieces. I was on a constant quest as a youngin’ to take apart all things that sparkled and either create a completely new jewelry piece, or just collect the stones to watch them glisten in the sun. The stones were my ‘buried treasure’ in the fairy tale I staged in the back yard playing. In hindsight, those stones were merely glass, and the jewelry was the creativity of a very young little ambitious girl, and yet, they begin to pave the path to something that would turn out to be an amazing journey.

As I ended my teen years and entered my early 20s, I began to familiarize myself with more refined costume jewelry products. Liz Claiborne became my favorite jewelry line to buy from. Fashionable, flashy and classy! Perfect combo, or so I thought. I began realizing that I was constantly fixing these department store quality pieces of jewelry with the odds and ends I had at home. Towards the end of November 2011, I suddenly decided that I was fed up with spending all this money on jewelry that I was regularly fixing and was therefore going to start creating my own. By the end of December 2011, I had not only made all the presents for the women in my family, but also had my first experience with a request for a ‘custom made’ piece of jewelry for an acquaintance. My experience with making this custom necklace was so invigorating, I realized, this is what I wanted, no, HAD to do.

With the idea that there had to be more than one woman out there that desired beautiful, quality and reasonably priced jewelry, on January 19, 2012 Toads Lily Pond Jewelry was born. With quality versus quantity ingrained into me by someone I refer to as my ‘other’ Mom, the concept is something that is strongly incorporated into all items made through Toads Lily Pond Jewelry. The never ending quest to develop and create products that are made with quality and remain affordable has been a continued journey since then. Toads Lily Pond Jewelry is a present day reflection of that little girl’s fairy tale…