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Congratulations on joining The CraftStar!

For step by step instructions on how to open your shop(s) and list items, please check out our How To Guides linked at the bottom of every The CraftStar page.


How To Open a Shop on The CraftStar

Welcome to The CraftStar!  Getting your shop up and running couldn't be easier!

Please follow these step-by-step instructions to join the fastest growing online HANDMADE, VINTAGE and CRAFTING SUPPLIES community.  If you use Internet Explorer as your browser, we suggest you use an alternative (such as Firefox, Opera, or Safari) as IE is known to have not kept up to date with the more sophisticated websites.  Crazy, right?

Ok ... here we go!

First, please JOIN.  You will find this at the very top of the website:

Please fill out all the required fields and agree to The Terms and Conditions at the bottom of the page.  You will also find the T&C's here: 


Once you complete this, you will be sent to the Account Activation page:

An email will have been automatically sent to the address you registered with.  Please check your inbox, open the email, and click on ACTIVATE YOUR ACCOUNT.   (We've added this step to stop spammers.)

When you've clicked on ACTIVATE YOUR ACCOUNT, you will be sent to the ACCOUNT ACTIVATION page on The CraftStar. 

Please click LOG IN to get started on building your shop!

LOG IN using the email address and password you entered at SIGN UP.

You will then see the front page of The CraftStar.  At the top of the page, you'll see your name.  In this case, we have used Bethan Davies as the name.  Click on your name.

So, the boring stuff has been taken care of ... now it's time to set up shop!  Please note, one of the unique features of The CraftStar is that you can run as many shops as you like from a single LOG IN (email address.)  No more logging in and logging out to keep tabs on all your shops!

From here, you will see ADD SHOP.  Click on that and off you go!

You will be asked for your Shop Name and Shop Description.

Shop Name:  This is important!  This is the name you will be identified with throughout The CraftStar.  Be creative, but make sure it reflects the type of items you're selling.  Also, try to keep it relatively short as this will be your shop URL as well.   It's much better to have a shop called: My Perfect Beads rather than My Perfect Beads Are Better Than Anyone Else's!  

Your shop URL is:

Please note, shop names are unique and The CraftStar doesn't allow more than one shop to be registered with the same name.  If you choose something that is already in use, you will be given a notice and will need to use another name.

Shop Announcement:  This text will show up on your shop front page.  Use it to introduce yourself and your amazing items!

Shop Avatar:  Is your avatar (small image) that will be seen on all your shop pages - so make sure you love it!

Shop Banner:  Is the marquis of your shop!  It should sum up your shop with graphics, text, or both.  Have a look around at some of the other shop banners to see the direction you should be heading.  

PLEASE make sure you have both your SHOP AVATAR and SHOP BANNER loaded in to your shops!   It makes that much of a difference and presents a professional looking shop front. 

Shop Level Shipping:  Tick this box if you would like your (pre-set) shipping rates to apply to every one of your items.  This is a great tool if you sell things that mostly weigh the same amount ... saves you from having to add shipping prices to each individual item.  If you do tick this box, please set your shipping prices below it.

International Shipping:  This is a GREAT service to offer!  We have MANY customers outside the US, Canada, UK, Australia (or wherever you're located), so by NOT offering international shipping, you're hugely narrowing your selling potential.

Shop Location and Taxes:  Here's where you input your tax info.

Shop Video URL:  We are totally behind the premise that moving pictures sell!  A short video introducing yourself, your art, your working area, your pieces, etc is a GREAT thing to have!  (Companies wouldn't spend billions of dollars on TV if moving images didn't sell!  And there would be no such thing as QVC or HSN!)  Very simple to upload, just copy and paste the URL from where you uploaded it on You Tube.  This video will be available for customers to see on the front page of your shop.  


Once you've completed the info on this page, click UPDATE, and you will be taken to this screen:

The top line indicates that you have set up ONE shop (in this case, called "Testie").  Remember, you can run as many shops as you like with a single log in, so if you'd like to set up more shops ... just click ADD SHOP and repeat the process above.

Please submit your payment information:  we need this to pay you for your sales!  Please add your PayPal address and whether you'd like to accept credit cards. 

This page is the main access to your shop.  By clicking on EDIT, you can change / amend information we reviewed above.

Coupons:  This is where you set up your COUPON CODES for sales and discounts.  These are great to have and obviously a huge incentive for buyers.   A suggestion:  if you have a COUPON CODE active, make sure you have it in your SHOP ANNOUNCEMENT so potential buyers can see it while viewing your shop. 

Custom Categories:  We've given you the option to either use The CraftStar set categories or for you to create your own. Shop owners requested the ability to break down their items in more detail than The CraftStar categories do, so we've built this option.  For instance, if you sell jewelry, you can create custom categories breaking down your items by COLOR, LENGTH, BEAD TYPE, etc .. whatever you think best describes your work.

Import CSV:  If you're coming from another site, with a lot of items, this is a very handy tool.  Follow the step-by-step instructions on how to import your items on to The CraftStar.  We also have a HOW TO GUIDE on this.

When you click on your shop name, in this case "Testie", it will take you to your SHOP MANAGEMENT PAGE.  This is where you start adding your items!

As a reminder, this page also shows your shop URL.

So, this sums up how to OPEN a shop on The CraftStar.  Please check out the HOW TO GUIDE on LISTING ITEMS for more details on that process.

Have fun and good luck!!