Mandala Mini Weaving Loom KIT - Decorative Miniature Ceramic Small Loom for Weaving on the Go - Fall Splendor

Weaving on the go has never been more fun than with this Mandala mini weaving loom and what better way to get started than with a kit! Everything you need at your fingertips and award winning as well!  Talk about Unique! The design of this mini weaving loom won 2nd Prize at the NC State Fair.

Weaving is fun for anyone so why not have a go with this beautiful mini weaving loom and we have created a kit to get you started!!  You will receive the loom that is pictured with a yarn pack and instructions, just click to purchase and you can be weaving in no time!  This would also make a wonderful gift to someone you know who is just generally crafty. They'll enjoy trying something new. Once your weaving session is over, you can hang this from a loop on the wall as a really neat piece of wall art.

NOTE: Sample weaving in Image 3 NOT INCLUDED


Fancy Yarn Card Sample Pack:

Quantity: 5 yards each
Fibers: Angora, Suffolk, Dorsett, Angelina
Colors: Brown, Blue, Green, Yellow, Burgundy
Name: Fall Splendor


* 7 inches wide

* 16 loops for your weft yarn

* Peg on the back is used to tie your beginning weft to

* Loop on back for hanging/storing on a wall as decorative art

* Durable ceramic finish in a plethora of colors

* Each loom is numbered, there are no two EXACTLY alike! :)


Our handspun, hand painted artisan yarns begin with locally obtained wool in North Carolina. We help shear the sheep, hand skirt the fleece, wash, card, and condition that wool to produce the base component of all our yarns. Then comes the fun part, adding COLOR!! We hand mix and match our dyes to produce both subtle and bright pigments that help draw you in and steal your breath away. Throw in some fun art batts and maybe a special add in or two and we are off to spin you a quality, buttery soft, one of a kind skein of yarn that will add a bit of flair to your next knitting, crocheting, or weaving project!


Ceramic pottery in it's basic form is an artist playing with mud, sounds like fun huh :)?  Break it down a bit more and you will find there are numerous types of clay.  I personally like to work with white mid to low fire clays for several reasons.  First and foremost, I have this huge obsession with color which is simply more stunning on while clays.  As a company we strive to be very eco friendly, so I chose mid to low fire clays to be as ecologically minded as I can be as a potter.

The beginning of my creative process begins with countless scratches of a pencil on paper followed by numerous revisions lol.  Once I think I have a rough idea of where I want to go, I grab a lump of clay and start to sculpt with my hands and tools (both bought and homemade).  At times the sketch comes to life exactly as drawn, sometimes my 3d object morphs into something altogether different.  This is creativity at is't best  The pieces are then fired and handpainted to create an heirloom quality product that we hope will be cherished for centuries! 

° Created in a smoke-free and animal friendly home.


Happy customers said this:

*** Beautiful yarn! Fast delivery. Very fun to knit with- terrific product!

*** Excellent products. Fast shipping! I couldn't be happier with my purchase

*** Adorable, well done craftwork. Seller was great to work with. Wonderful communication.

Will buy from again!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


>>> Quirky Bits N Pieces - weaving the fiber of memories and heritage into functional pieces of art.

NOTE: We do our best to accurately depict the colors and textures of our products. Returns will not be accepted due to variations in monitor calibrations.

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Listed on January 2, 2016
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