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Sometimes, spinners need a bit of a treat!  Beautiful, functional tools are just what the spin doctor called for.

Our sculptural orifice hooks are made of stoneware clay and high-fire ceramic glazes, so it is durable, won't corrode, or wear out, need we say more?

Tired of fighting to get your leader thread through the closed loops and orifice on your spinning wheel?  These hooks have a hand hammered hook affixed that will make threading your leader a breeze!  No more scraped knuckles or fingers.

Usable on all spinning wheels and by anyone creative artist!  There is a slight bend that makes the use fluid and easy.  Check out this video on our YouTube channel to see them in action!  


Seriously, we’ve tested this hook with beginners to experts; you will thank us for adding not only beauty but functionality to your spinning tool box, they did!

Now that we have the durability and functionality out of the way. Let’s chat about the eye candy, LIKE WHAT YOU SEE YOU'LL ENJOY DOING IT MORE.

Naturally, as humans, we are drawn to beauty.  So why not incorporate more into our lives?  Beautiful or dare I say even cute tools, wouldn't that make you enjoy your craft a bit more?

It’s easy to get your very own butterfly orifice hook right now. Simply Add to Cart and proceed to checkout.
And the best part, you get FREE SHIPPING in the US.  But don't worry, we handle international shipping as well, we have you covered no matter where you live!  
And oh yeah, we love seeing what you make, so we are also going to send you a quick message once you receive your order to ensure your expectations have been exceeded in every way and beg for pictures of you using it!!

*NOTE book in 3rd Picture is a Prop only!

To see more items from my shop, please visit: http://abitofewecraftemporium.thecraftstar.com/
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Listed on February 22, 2017
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