Online Sales: 57
Offline Sales: 130

Seller Info: My jewelry and hats are sold at a few boutiques in my area - Westside of Los Angeles.


"I love the unique necklaces I buy from The Gypsy Road. I get lots of comments because you can't find them in department stores." - Tara.

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The Gypsy Road - handmade craft store

I love jewelry and I love journeys. I believe we're all on our own journey which continually changes with the choices we make. The Gypsy Road jewelry pieces accompany you and give you the strength to find your happiness!

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Loading... Purple and Pink Ombre Mala Long Necklace with Charms
$40.00 USD
Loading... Amethyst and Silver Mala Necklace with Druzy
$50.00 USD
Loading... Red Mala Necklace with Rose Charm
$40.00 USD
Loading... Mala Necklace with Tree of Life Charm
$40.00 USD
Loading... The Gypsy Road Bright Pink Quartz, Silver Nugget, Ohm Charm Mala Necklace
$45.00 USD