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AngelPetals - handmade craft store

This Hair Accessory Shop is meant for all the girls out there. For Females of all ages. A huge variety of styles and color.( Bridal,Special Occasions,Holidays,everyday wear, etc..) I love to receive custom orders. If you want certain items but in other colors or you have an idea of something you would like please send me a message and we can work something out. Thank you. Hope you enjoy browsing my shop.

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Loading... Pink Kanzashi Leopard Print Butterfly Alligator Clips
$4.00 USD
Loading... Sushi Roll Alligator Clips
$5.00 USD
Loading... Ninja Kanzashi Alligator clip
$5.25 USD
Loading... Light Blue and Red Kanzashi Butterfly Alligator Clips
$4.00 USD
Loading... Hot pink Kanzashi butterfly alligator clips
$4.00 USD
Loading... Butterfly Teal and Pink Felt Fascinator
$30.00 USD
Loading... Sheep ribbon sculpture alligator clip
$5.00 USD
Loading... Taco Ribbon Sculpture Alligator clip
$5.00 USD
Loading... White Snowflake Kanzashi Alligator Clip
$6.00 USD
Loading... Witch in Cauldron Ribbon Sculpture Alligator Clip
$5.50 USD
Loading... Panda Flower Alligator Clip
$5.25 USD
Loading... Santa Chimeny Ribbon sculpture Alligator Clip
$5.00 USD
Loading... Fall Kanzashi Leaf Alligator Clip
$4.25 USD
Loading... Green Peacock Camuflage alligator clip ribbon sculpture
$6.00 USD
Loading... Black and Grey Camoflauge Turtle alligator clip ribbon sculpture
$5.00 USD
Loading... Pink Peacock Alligator Clip Ribbon Sculpture
$6.00 USD