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Seller Info: I sell at local craft shows. I have had my items in local boutiques. I also have sold many custom made items online and locally.


Amazing and One of a Kind items. I have begun collecting many of Unique Beaded Gifts pieces and I have had several items custom made for myself.
E. Acker February 2014

Really like the watch band a lot. Great job, the design and colors you chose are very representative of the piece, great eye, your talents shine. I will be ordering up a hat band just like the watch band to match soon. Thank you much for doing this for me………….. B. Sherbesman. August 2013

This is simply beautiful! Thank you so much for all your hard work! It looks amazing! I am so excited! I received the purse that Kerry made today. My sweetie bought me an amazing pair of handcrafted earrings from a Jewelry designer friend of his and now this beautiful design is the icing on the cake!
~Lil Bit February 2012

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Unique Beaded Gifts - handmade craft store

Welcome! Have a Wonderful Day. We enjoy customizing our items to make them a One of a Kind just for you.

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Loading... Royal Splendor Wedding Ornament in Gold Iridescent Sequins with Gold Crown
$25.00 USD
Loading... Wedding Bell with Roses Gold Creme and Iridescent White Sequin Covered
$25.00 USD
Loading... Wedding Heart with Roses Gold Creme and Iridescent White Sequin covered with Tassle
$25.00 USD
Loading... 1920 Style Pearl and Swarovski Crystal Shoulder Drape Necklace
$229.00 USD
Loading... Swarovksi Cascading Bride's Choker
$240.00 USD
Loading... Swarovski Turquoise Woven Crystal Necklace
$149.99 USD
Loading... Swarovski Gold Woven Crystal Bridal Set
$199.99 USD
Loading... 3 Tier Pearl Festoon Necklace One of a Kind
$69.99 USD
Loading... Bride's Pearl Bracelet
$39.99 USD
Loading... Bridesmaid Bracelet
$29.99 USD
Loading... Woven Crystal Bridal Bracelet
$49.99 USD
Loading... Bridesmade Pearl Necklace
$49.99 USD
Loading... Maid of Honor Pearl Necklace
$69.99 USD
Loading... Bride's Pearl Double Necklace
$79.99 USD
Loading... White Pearls and White Tiger Eye Cabochon Necklace and Earring Set in Silver or Gold
$59.99 USD