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Candlelit Desserts - handmade craft store

Candlelit Desserts offers deliciously scented handmade dessert themed (mostly) candles and soaps. Cupcake, ice cream, doughnuts, parfaits, just to name a few. Can't find what you are looking for? Contact me with your special request and let me create your perfect candle or soap!

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Loading... Chicken Nugget and Fries Shaped Soap
$9.99 USD
Loading... Cheeseburger & Fries Soap Set
$10.99 USD
Loading... Chips & Dip Shaped Soap
$5.50 USD
Loading... Nachos and Cheese Shaped Soap
$5.50 USD
Loading... S'mores Shaped Soap
$5.99 USD
Loading... Doughnut Soap - Choose Your Color
$5.50 USD
Loading... Five Piece Macaroon Soap Box Set
$16.99 USD
Loading... Peppermint Candy Soap- Four Piece Set
$5.99 USD
Loading... French Fries Shaped Soap
$5.50 USD
Loading... Buttered Popcorn Shaped & Scented Soap
$5.25 USD
Loading... M&M Cookie Shaped Soaps
$6.50 USD
Loading... Bacon and Eggs Novelty Soap
$7.99 USD
Loading... Jelly Bean Shaped Soaps
$4.99 USD
Loading... Gummie Bear Shaped Soaps
$4.99 USD
Loading... Oreo Soaps - Set of Six
$6.50 USD
Loading... Macaroni & Cheese Shaped Soap
$5.50 USD