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Dreams of Caedryn - handmade craft store

Welcome! Here you'll find a marvelous selection of herbs, oils, altar and ritual supplies, gemstones, crystals, and other items for your magical workings. We also carry a great assortment of craft supplies, glass bottles, oil bottle pendants, with more items added daily! Be sure to check out my Clearance section for great prices on some great items! Have you liked us on facebook yet? We'd love to see you there! We're also on Pinterest!

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Loading... Mortar and Pestle - White Ceramic
$16.95 USD
Loading... Wooden Herb Grinder with Brass Pentagram Inlay
$11.95 USD
Loading... Soapstone Mortar and Pestle with Celtic Knotwork Design
$15.95 USD
Loading... Mortar and Pestle - Small White Ceramic
$9.95 USD
Loading... Wooden Mortar and Pestle with Pentagram
$15.95 USD