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Beautiful yarn! Fast delivery. Very fun to knit with- terrific product!

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A Bit of Ewe Craft Emporium - handmade craft store

Color Loving Fiber addicts welcome. Let's weave on the go mini loom lovers. Or how about you hang a bold piece of woven art in your home decor. All creatives of all walks of life welcome! ?? Say Hello + Follow Along ?? Join our Newsletter at ?? ??

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Loading... Handspun Art Yarn - Silk Yarn - Pink Handpainted Yarn - Handpainted Silk Yarn - DK Weight Yarn - Handpainted Silkl Yarn - Handspun Pink Yarn - Handspun Luxury Yarn - Royal Princess Colorway
$30.00 USD
Loading... Coiled Art Yarn - 30 yards of Dark Blue, Greens, and a punch of Red
$32.00 USD
Loading... Coiled Loop Art Yarn - Trendy Bold hues of Blue and Orange in unique craft supply
$28.00 USD