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Sharon: This is an absolutely gorgeous piece! Arrived quickly and great price! Thanks for a GREAT transaction!!

Gregory: This is well made, pleasant, exactly as pictured. I am very happy with my purchase.

Kathy: Fast ship...Great Shop...You will love this shop! Loads of treasures..I keep coming back again...and again and again...You will too

Richelle: I love the variety of items. Almost everything is ONE OF A KIND! I wish I had the money to buy up half the store. LoL. She also has a wonderful, creative eye. Always great work on her handmade items and she had a knack for finding things that most anyone would love to own. I don't even have a dollhouse but the miniatures are so cute I just want to have them! I'm pleased with everything I've gotten from Harmonee's.

Alta: Super shop - awesome collection of unique items and great service! 5 Stars!

Audrey: Sweetest person, beautiful things..

Harmonee's Craft Supply - handmade craft store

Great prices on a variety of unique items! Paper items: If cost for shipping on a paper item is $1.80 there will be no tracking number provided.

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Loading... Wide Yellow Satin Ribbon - 3 inch
$4.99 USD
Loading... Extra Wide Pink Swirl Ribbon - 6 inch
$4.99 USD
Loading... Purple Wide Wire Edged Ribbon - Craft Supply
$4.99 USD
Loading... 4 Rolls of Red Wired Ribbon
$9.99 USD
Loading... 6 Rolls of White and Gold Wire Ribbon
$15.99 USD
Loading... 2.5 Inch Wire Edged Satin Scroll Ribbon - 3 Yards
$3.25 USD
Loading... Vintage Red Floral Fabric Ribbon - Craft supply
$7.00 USD
Loading... Vintage Colorful Woven Wide Wired Fabric Ribbon - 75 inches
$5.75 USD
Loading... Vintage Floral Fabric Ribbon - 25 yards - Craft supply
$6.00 USD
Loading... Garden Themed Wide Ribbon - Craft Supply - 2 1/2 wide 2yds 13 inches
$8.00 USD
Loading... Wide Vintage Tri-Stripe Plaid Christmas Ribbon - Craft & Floral Supply
$3.00 USD
Loading... Extra Wide Bright Green Swirl Ribbon - 6 inch
$5.99 USD
Loading... Wide Grey Sheer Satin Ribbon - 3 inch
$4.99 USD
Loading... Wide Blue Pull Bow Petal Banner Ribbon
$4.99 USD
Loading... Orange Palette Ribbon - 1 inch
$2.50 USD
Loading... Vintage Red Poka Dot Christmas Thin Fabric Ribbon - Craft supply
$7.00 USD