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KreatedbyKymm - handmade craft store

Custom made ceramic items meant to be treasured for generations to come.

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Loading... Child Sized Butterfly Tea Set In Any Color You Choose With Raised Lettering, Tea Set, Child Sized Tea Set, Heirloom Tea Set, Girl Tea Set
$68.99 USD
Loading... Child Sized Polka Dot Teaset in Color You Choose, Child Sized Tea set, Tea Party, Tea, Personalized Tea Set, Polka Dot Tea Set, Custom Tea
$56.99 USD
Loading... Child Sized Music Tea Set in Purple and Black, Tea Party, Custom Tea Set, Kid Sized Music Tea Set
$59.99 USD
Loading... Adorable Teapot Star Trinket Box, Ceramic Cupcake Star Box, Trinket Box, Teapot Jewelry Box, Trinket Box, Party Favors
$6.99 USD