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Seller Info: I sell at craft fairs in the northern Michigan area.

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Quilts by Elsie - handmade craft store

Do you have a special someone (maybe even yourself) that you would like to bless with the comfort of a handmade quilt or small quilted item? Browse through my shop and see what is available from my needle. Everything in my shop is made in a smoke free and pet free environment. I will do custom orders on most of the things in my shop. Size, color, design, etc. Contact me if you want to talk about a custom order. I will also make T-shirt quilts, if you have shirts you'd like to be made into a memory quilt. Free shipping in the US on all items!

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Loading... Sofa throw quilted, couch throw quilted, handmade quilted lap quilt
$295.00 USD
Loading... Handmade Quilt Fireside Star Free Shipping
$525.00 USD
Loading... Quilt: Kiss The Corner Free Shipping
$450.00 USD