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Seller Info: I sell at some local NYC fairs but it all varies depending on the time period.


Thank you Wade for all of your attention and creativity - You are a pleasure to work with and I will come back again and again. My gifts turned out amazing! - Marisa

It was well made and was perfect for our needs. Thank you so much. - Nicholas D.

Prompt & really lovely decal, no problem handling special order at all - Susan H.
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A Sign of Success - handmade craft store

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Loading... SPECIAL - 3 Social Media buttons for your store front window.
$23.00 USD
Loading... Open closed Eyes Sign
$25.00 USD
Loading... Window decal for store hours open and closed
$29.15 USD
Loading... Helmet Decal - Names
$8.00 USD
Loading... Maximum Capacity aluminum sign vinyl decal
$19.99 USD
Loading... Oval Business Hours Store window vinyl decal
$29.50 USD
Loading... Find us on - Facebook vinyl heart or box- see photos for options
$15.00 USD
Loading... Push Pull vinyl Door Signs -Variety of styles (listing is for 1 push & 1 pull)
$9.99 USD
Loading... Welcome sign in vinyl for your store front glass window or door.
$7.99 USD
Loading... Car Back Window Vinyl Sign Decal
$40.00 USD
Loading... Magnetic Car Truck or Van Vinyl Sign - Promote your business
$29.00 USD
Loading... QR Code Button Decal for your store front window.
$12.00 USD
Loading... Window Decal for Store Hours
$29.15 USD
Loading... Business Hours Store window vinyl decal - Open & Closed hours
$29.15 USD
Loading... Your Business Name on your glass front door or window.
$39.99 USD
Loading... Vinyl business Hours sign for your store front window
$28.15 USD