Online Sales: 2,000
Offline Sales: 500

Seller Info: I sell locally at the annual NCBS Bead Bazaar and the BABE show here in Northern California.


This is one of my favorite beads EVER. It's just gorgeous. I'm going to make a pendant with it, because it's far too beautiful to put on a bracelet with other beads - definitely a focal!

Love, love, love these beads; they are to die for! Aimee is the perfect artist!

Fantastic and detailed bead. A sure eye-catcher!!! Fast, friendly service too!!!!!

PolychromeBeads by Aimee Milan - handmade craft store

I am a self-representing artist and have been making glass beads for about fifteen years now. I have been an artist for much, much longer (don't even ask how long - it might give away my age!). My beads are made using a technique called "lampworking". The glass is melted in a VERY VERY hot flame and "wound" onto a metal rod, called a mandrel, that has previously been coated with a clay-like substance called a release. When all the decoration is finished the bead, still on the mandrel and still very hot, is placed into a 965-degree kiln to "anneal" overnight. This allows the glass to get to the same temperature throughout, and then cool down slowly to prevent cracking. Beads that are not annealed can be little "time bombs" waiting to crack! I also have a website,, where you will find links to my auctions, gallery pages of past work, and my bloggy ramblings!

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Loading... A unique swirled multicolored handmade organic lampwork pendulum pendant with sterling silver accents - Civilized Storm
$26.00 USD