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Noveenna - handmade craft store

I beadweave with seed beads for the sake of my sanity .....:)

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Loading... Serenity Beadwoven Necklace 410
$63.71 USD
Loading... Peaches Cream Beadwoven Necklace 385
$69.11 USD
Loading... Watermelon Slice Burgundy Chrysolite Rose Beaded Necklace 383
$40.97 USD
Loading... Passionflower Beadwoven Necklace 382
$75.33 USD
Loading... Black Sparkle Blue Silver Jet Beaded Necklace 381
$40.69 USD
Loading... Green Essence Aqua Emerald Fern Green Beaded Necklace 369
$70.00 USD
Loading... Cranberry Harvest Beadwoven Necklace 368
$80.00 USD
Loading... Aqua Awareness Indicolite Montana Pacific Opal Necklace 356
$72.00 USD
Loading... Smoky Blues Amethyst Sapphire Violet Necklace 355
$70.00 USD
Loading... Crystal Silver Beadwoven Necklace 331
$74.00 USD
Loading... In The Navy Moonlight Sapphire Lt Sapphire Beaded Necklace 319
$70.00 USD
Loading... Valentine White Opal Lt Siam Rose Beaded Necklace 304
$72.00 USD
Loading... Wine Country Chrysolite Khaki Tanzanite Beaded Necklace 301
$71.00 USD
Loading... Margarita Chrysolite Opal Golden Shadow Luminous Green Beaded Necklace 300
$70.00 USD
Loading... Carnival Sunrise Topaz lt Topaz Peridot Beaded Necklace 292
$70.00 USD
Loading... Strawberry Blush Garnet Padparadscha Siam Beaded Necklace 290
$70.00 USD