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Georgia from California wrote:
"I purchased Miss Mouse for a dear friend and she loves it very much! The intricate details on these precious little furry things are so endearing and purposeful. Everything has a distinct place on the mouse and it is not overwhelming at all. These would make nice ornaments, although they will be a very special reminder next to a cherished photograph or in a lighted buffet cabinet - a touch of whimsy and sweet sentiment! Thank you for a very special product!"

Heather Roberts-Parker wrote:
"These sweet mice caught my eye the moment I saw them on Etsy, and when they arrived they exceeded my expectations! The craftsmanship and attention to detail was beautiful. Each mouse (I purchased 6) has her own unique character, and, even though they are inanimate, they exude the warmth and kindness that Linda must possess. My sister was as delighted with the three I presented her as I was with mine. Each will hold a special place in our homes, and two of mine will travel to my classroom to watch over the students. Thank you for creating such sweet, lovely little characters."
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Loading... Pink Purple Ballerina Mouse ornament felt mice cute gift for animal lover or collector by Warmth - Bella the Ballerina
$15.00 USD
Loading... Seashell Beach Felt Mouse in Terra Cotta Pot handmade by Warmth
$25.00 USD
Loading... Nurse Felt Mouse felt gift mice for animal lovers and collectors from Warmth
$18.00 USD
Loading... Stenciller Mouse handmade felt mouse by Warmth
$15.00 USD
Loading... Felt Mouse - Weight Watcher - one of the cute felt mice ornaments by Warmth
$15.00 USD
Loading... Apple Pickin' Mouse-one of the cute gift felt mice and ornaments for animal lovers and collectors by Warmth
$15.00 USD
Loading... Ivy Blue Felt Mouse Sunbonnet Gardener
$25.00 USD
Loading... Felt Mouse Cat Lover Handsculpted Cat Animal Lover Blue Checked Dress
$25.00 USD
Loading... NEW Bunco Mouse..just one of the cute felt mice by Warmth
$25.00 USD
Loading... Beach Shell Gatherer Mouse...cute felt mouse by Warmth
$15.00 USD
Loading... SchoolMarm Mouse one of the sweet felt mice by Warmth
$15.00 USD
Loading... Muffy....a Golfer Mouse
$15.00 USD
Loading... Rose Gardener Mouse handmade felt mouse gift for animal collectors by Warmth
$15.00 USD
Loading... Bird-feeding Mouse - one of the cute gift Winter felt mice ornaments for animal lovers and collectors by Warmth
$20.00 USD
Loading... Strawberry Gal of the cute felt mice from Warmth
$15.00 USD
Loading... Watermelon Mouse
$15.00 USD