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Metal Ivy Jewelry Designs - handmade craft store

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Loading... Frosted Bead and Metal Circle Drop Earrings
$12.00 USD
Loading... Beaded Metal Rose Bracelet
$14.99 USD
Loading... Bead and Spike Necklace, Large Black, Clear, Smoky Beads
$20.00 USD
Loading... 3 Crystal Necklace, Clear Cracked Beads, Handmade
$16.00 USD
Loading... Dangle chain earrings, three strand brass chain, rhinestone charm
$14.00 USD
Loading... Deer Pendant Necklace, Brass Metal, Rhinestones and Chain
$25.00 USD
Loading... Silver Circle Necklace with Faceted Bead
$22.00 USD
Loading... Bleeding Heart Earrings, Wirework, Handmade Earrings
$20.00 USD
Loading... Brass Pendant and Chain Necklace, Chain Tassle, Black and Brass
$18.00 USD
Loading... Bronze Swallow Chain Bracelet
$9.99 USD
Loading... Geometric Beaded Hematite Modern Necklace
$20.99 USD
Loading... Halloween Bling Skull Bracelet
$13.99 USD
Loading... Black Suede and Spike Box Braid Necklace
$24.99 USD
Loading... Cute and Simple Pewter Colored Circle Necklace
$19.00 USD
Loading... The Brass Key Necklace
$19.99 USD
Loading... Black Rhinestone and Charm Fringe Style Bracelet
$17.99 USD