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Secret Gems - handmade craft store

This jewelry shop is full of fun unique pieces. There are charms, mixed metals, steampunk and some funky fun pieces. Enjoy browsing and I hope you find something you like.

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Loading... Gold and Black Kanzashi Flower Boutonniere
$12.00 USD
Loading... Pastel Green and Tan Kanzashi Flower Boutonniere
$12.00 USD
Loading... Purple and Grey Kanzashi Flower Boutonniere
$12.00 USD
Loading... Moon,Star Garden Flower Bracelet and Earrings
$35.00 USD
Loading... Lock and Key Green Czech Vintage Rhinestone Bracelet
$25.00 USD
Loading... Blue and Yellow Cluster Necklace
$20.00 USD
Loading... Filigree Butterfly Lock, Key Earrings
$30.00 USD
Loading... Lock,Key, Gear Adjustable Ring
$10.00 USD
Loading... Kanzashi Flower Peacock Feather Corsage
$25.00 USD
Loading... Maroon and Orange Kanzashi Flower Brooch
$7.00 USD
Loading... Peacock Feather and Kanzashi Flower Elastic Lace Corsage/bracelet
$18.00 USD
Loading... Ivory and Sapphire Blue Pearl Cluster Necklace/Bracelet
$30.00 USD
Loading... Butterfly with Crystal Earring's
$30.00 USD
Loading... Clock Face Steampunk Earrings
$12.00 USD
Loading... Square Plaque with Tea Rose Pendant Necklace
$24.00 USD
Loading... Wavy Heart Blue beaded Charm Earrings
$12.00 USD