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I love this ring so much! It is exactly what I wanted! :)
-Tiffany M

This ring is very beautifully made! I love it and have had many complements on it!
-Melanie L

The item received on time, and was just as we expected!
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Pure Impressions - handmade craft store

Pure Impressions creates charming, handmade personalized jewelry. We offer a large selection of personalized gift ideas including: -Handmade, personalized jewelry - Hand stamped bracelets, hand stamped necklaces and hand stamped rings - Custom bridesmaids jewelry, personalized mother and daughter jewelry - Personalized hand stamped jewelry, custom latitude & longitude jewelry - Custom airplane necklaces & airplane key chains - Personalized nautical jewelry & anchor jewelry And much more!

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Loading... Inspiration Cuff, Hand Stamped Cuff, I am Cuff, Strength Cuff, Cuff Bracelet, Handstamped Jewelry, Personalized Jewelry
$25.48 USD
Loading... Feather Wrap Ring, Aluminum Wrap Ring, Arrow Ring, Pattern Ring, Skinny Wrap Ring, Skinny Ring, Adjustable Ring, Feather Jewelry
$20.99 USD