Online Sales: 50
Offline Sales: 350

Seller Info: I do a lot of shows and fairs around town, as well as selling my line at several boutiques in the Denver area.


"The earrings came and I love them. I really do love them! Thanks for making them just the way I wanted them!" Susan

" I LOVE my earrings!!!! They are so much prettier in person. Thank you for the beautiful craftsmanship and excellent design. And thanks for getting them right out to me. I was really surprised to see them so soon." Anna

"You're simply the best. Thank you for all the Wonderful, Unique, & sometimes a bit happy Tear jerker GORGEOUSLY HAND made (with Quality & HEART) guaranteed products. And they LAST!" Tawny

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Shes-A-Belle Designs - handmade craft store

Welcome to my shop on The Craftstar!!! If you need additional selection, please visit my website at Be sure to "Like" my Facebook Page at :)

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Loading... Rustic Emerald Green Crystal Necklace in Gunmetal, Wire Wrapped , Rustic Style
Loading... Wild Poppy Fairy Flower Earrings in Antique Bronze, Vintage Style Earrings