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Mary K. The most unique jewelry I have ever owned! I get compliments everytime I wear a piece of Steampunk Beadery Jewelry!

Paula W. I gave each necklace as gifts and they absolutely loved them! Thank you !

Angie S. LOVE my turtle earrings! I wear them all the time! Well done!

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Steampunk Beadery - handmade craft store

50% off with coupon code AC50! Your home for Handmade Classic and Steampunk Jewelry.Each piece is unique and Hand Crafted.Steampunk Beadery showcases a One of a Kind romantic twist to Steampunk style,and also features many of your Classic Hand Crafted favorites. I am always thrilled to do custom work as well, feel free to send me a message if you have something in mind that is not featured. Thank you for spending your valuable time in my shop!

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